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How many MMORPGs have you enjoyed as much or more-so than your first?



  • MobidikMobidik Member Posts: 101

    I dont approve people when saying first is always the best one. The first one is sure good but not the best. Best at your eyes because it was the first time discovering an open world with thousand of people and doing raids and massive stuff etc.


    My first one was DAoC and seriously i remember all minute i pass to play this videogam and i remember how happy i was when i received TOA as a christmas gift from my parent. I had so much fun with my twink in Thidranki and my 39 Druid on Molvik. I never really experienced level 50 PvP. I was always playing in BGs but i remember when the Realm BG leader was doing a Call to Arms to protect or bring our relics back. I was trying to do something with my poor PC ( 1 frame/sec ) obviously when the gate were opening to capture a castle and it was a fight of hundred of players. Well good time.

    My second one and i had a lot of fun in it is Planetside. I'm a FPS player and playing Counter-Strike everyday so it sure i'll love Planetside. Intense fight with hundred and hundred of player. There were so many possibility of gank in tha  game, i was like wtf each time something was happenning. I can't wait for another MMOFPS to come out with better AIM system and new graphic with realistic environment.

    Now i'm playing WoW with my friend because everyone i know is playing WoW and can't stop playing WoW. Whats the point of playing solo in a MMO, you'll find out that you have no fun of being alone so... I'm trying to have some fun leveling my toon to 80.


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  • tehikktehikk Member Posts: 497

    I'm afraid WoW was my first, so to most people, I have no say in the MMO world.

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  • JosherJosher Member Posts: 2,818

    Watched friends and roomates play UO and EQ and couldn't understand where the fun was.  Played PSO on the Dreamcast and loved it, then had some fun and frustration in AO and DAOC for 4-5 months each.  Loved E&B for a few months, then beta tested just about everything up until I got into early beta in WOW.  It was the first MMO that felt like a finished game even months before release. Played seriously up until around TBC, then tapered off a lot from then on.  Couldn't put in the time anymore and didn't care to.  It was well over a year and a 1/2, and the most I played any MMO until then was maybe 5 months.   Still bought WOTLK, but it was all casual from then on.   By far WOW was the best MMO to me.  Everything that felt wrong or rushed in other MMOs just felt "right" in WOW.  Had some fun in WAR as well, but nothing has compared since.  Messed around with AOC and Aion but until something comes out that is as polished as WOW, I probably won't get passed the 1st month.

    I played a lot of MMOs before WOW and a few after, but WOW was still the best designed by a huge margin.

  • BsheezyBsheezy Member UncommonPosts: 88

    mine was ffxi, man was that game rough. 

  • scragcatscragcat Member UncommonPosts: 94

     My first, and favorite was Ultima Online due to how the community had to evolve with only local chat for the main part and for things like i could be a GrandMaster Beggar or Detective who could do nothing but see who pk'd who by checking corpses lol.

     Anarchy Online even with the migraine giving beta period i went through was a blast with the crazy skill and implant twinking system and i occasionally still play my account for a month or 2 every now and again.

    Planetside still has me hooked even with the lack of developer support it gets due to the sheer epicness of massive battles and not knowing whats gonna happen next (well unless you count base defense then its 'defend our generator!')

    Those 3 games are my all time favorites with World of Warcraft coming in 4th as it still is an impressive game just a little stagnant to me.

  • DwardogDwardog Member UncommonPosts: 9

    My first MMO, and still favorite, was DAoC and nothing has come close since.

    It's the only MMO I've played that I felt was dynamic.  I could have a whole evening planned out with my guild and then those plans would all be thrown out because one of the other realms was attempting a relic raid, and I loved that about DAoC.  Plus the dragon raids, the unpreditability of Darkness Falls, Legion raids, the Frontiers, and the appeal of each realm's quests and dungeons and epic zones...with all it's faults, DAoC was incredibly fun.

    These new MMOs are too guiding, to the point they become very linear, and that just kills the immersion for me.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    my first was wow!i did like it a bit at first since i didnt know better!then i played gw at the same time and i was like blown away

    pvp was insane when ingame cam was added you could show off .in my view guildwars 2 shuld charge a monthly fee even 5 dollar a month just enough to cover event .

    then last year i tried everquest one the father of 3 d mmo (at least the mmo the majority play today!

    and i was blown away now this is what a lot of gam3e should be,exept the freaking anoying buy online only part!

    its what still keep me away from a lot of title.i dont and i will never participate in the buy oonline only deal .in my view its a scam invented by hacker or gold seller like zam


    yep wow was my first love,gw has my hearth but eq for me is the top game even today.i love this fact !the game tell you from the first time you go in:


    and its probably why i love eq sop much ,lol even when i started to play in vanilla wow it was never like that

    USE YOUR BRAIN OR I WILL BITE IT !LOL not wow not even close you could listen to tv ,while chating ,whilespeaking on skype.

    me when i game its becausei im going to game lol .sorry for some of the rambling didnt have my second coffee yet!

  • olepiolepi Member EpicPosts: 2,415

    I playede DAOC as the first MMO, and it was a blast at the beginning,. TOA ruined a lot of it for me, and the endless zergs lost interest. Then I played CoH and stayed with that for 5 years. A totally different kind of game from DAOC, CoH is more like fireworks in the brain, and DAOC is thinking on the brain :)

    Also really liked Ryzom, and am now playing Vanguard. VG is actually probably the best MMO I have played, am having some of that "new" fujn again!


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  • Bob_BlawblawBob_Blawblaw Member Posts: 1,278

    My opinion, WoW is a decent game. There's no shame in saying you play(ed) it.

  • ishistishist Member UncommonPosts: 212
    Originally posted by tehikk

    I'm afraid WoW was my first, so to most people, I have no say in the MMO world.
    1z to c4reb34rz f0r 4ll you l33t dud35 and dud37735...

    Yep...sorry, but it's true.


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    Guild Wars was my first, and I didn't really like it. I played DAOC next, and that is my favorite MMO, followed by EQ2 and Shadowbane.


    I played WOW very late, and I didn't like it.

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  • slessmanslessman Member Posts: 181

    Well, I liked one after WOW. I play Ryzom pretty religiously now. It is the right fit for me. I am glad I don't have to search for the right one any more.

  • FinbarFinbar Member UncommonPosts: 187

    None. The first was the best becaue nobody knew where Everquest (or the intire game industry for that mater) was headed. When EQ1 started there was no notion of raids perse and the feild or possibiities still seemed very wide open. EQ changed all this and defined the character growth path of all future MMORPG's.


  • MakkarMakkar Member Posts: 20

    Since WoW I played such roaring good games as WAR and Aion...

    Yeah...they sucked. Dabbled in some EQ1 way before then, but I count WoW as m first because it was the first I played extensively, and no I'm not gonna feel ashamed for that because that's just retarded. To be honest anyway who says that you should feel ashamed, well, there are more important things to worry about than whether some random stranger on the internet once played WoW.

  • Beatnik59Beatnik59 Member UncommonPosts: 2,413

    My first MMO was SWG.  I loved it.

    Played EVE for awhile.  It was good and I spent a lot of time there.

    Played CoH for awhile.  I'm still there.

    I liked all three of those MMOs for different reasons.

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  • Cephus404Cephus404 Member CommonPosts: 3,675

    First was UO, which was fun, but like a lot of people, I think my favorite of all was Anarchy Online, I played it not too long after launch, stuck with it until around the time Shadowlands came out, then left because I just didn't have time to play anymore.  I've been back a couple of times since then but they're really not doing anything great with the game right now IMO.  The system has massive problems and always has, but it's been fun in spite of the problems, which I think is the mark of a good game.

    I don't plan on going back until they get the new graphics system in place and perfected and honestly, they've been talking about it for so long and promising it for so long, I don't really trust FunCom to ever come through with it.  Maybe next time they have one of their "free month" offers for old players, I'll go back and take a look, maybe not.

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  • KickphatKickphat Member Posts: 189

    i got EQ1 in late 2002 early 2003. Couldn't really get into it as the only time i could really play was late at night becaus my step brother would talk on the phone for hours at a time and we only had dial-up. didn't play pass the free month.

    Then when we got DSL SWG just came out but couldn't play at first because i didn't know the new computer i just got for my birthday didn't have a graphics card.(would think one would come of with at lest a low spec one since the computer cost 1,500). I got screwed out of my free month because of this. at Christmas i got me a graphics card and started playing. played all the way up to the NGE. Most fun i ever had in a mmo.

    WoW : After the NGE i went to WoW. Which was fun for me as i never played that type of MMO Before


    Now waiting for the next MMO that is fun for me

  • DruzDruz Member Posts: 276

     Asheron's Call was my first, and I've tried EVERY MMO out there and I still think it's the best... and while I REALLY disliked EQ the time I had in Vanguard was fantastic - Unfortunately I couldn't keep playing this heavily group oriented MMO without a decent sized population not to mention without a decent sized Dev team

  • LasastardLasastard Member Posts: 604
    DAoC was my first game and I haven't really enjoyed other MMOs since then (tried a few, mind you).

    I am not one for accumulating gear and don't enjoy PvE very much (just too one-dimensional). But with RvR you always had a challenge - and a comunity that interacted.
  • AngorimAngorim Member Posts: 466

    Asheron's Call was my first and nothing has even come close to matching what it used to be in it's prime.  I've liked various games for varying reasons, but none have been able to captivate me to the point that old classic had.  The freedom in every aspect with a real non-instanced world that recieved a moderate to major content patch every month was what kept me entertained.

    Planetside and Dark Age of Camelot would get honorable mentions for the open world PvP.

  • QuirhidQuirhid Member UncommonPosts: 6,230

    My first game was Lineage 2 and I've enjoyed every single MMORPG more than that one.

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  • Zorvan01Zorvan01 Member CommonPosts: 390

    Your first mmo is like losing your virginity.

    The magic feeling only happens once.


  • VengerVenger Member UncommonPosts: 1,309

    UO was my first mmo.  I have enjoyed every mmo I have played since to an extent some more so then others, but none as much as I enjoyed UO. 

    UO offered so much variety in non combat features.  MMO need to be more the multi-player rpgs.

  • TecknicTecknic Member Posts: 458

    My first MMO was Maple Story, and it almost scared me off of the genre entirely.

    My second was City of Heroes and I loved it, so I suppose I'd treat that as my first.  Since then, only my recent tryst with Champions Online has been able to match it in terms of overall enjoyment.  That said, I do have a soft spot for superhero stories in general, so in my mind these games had a natural leg-up on the WoWs and LotROs and AoCs of the world.

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  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Member UncommonPosts: 1,592

    My first MMO was City of Heroes.

    I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed any MMO as much since. WoW and LotRO both came close, but CoH has a special place in my heart. I still renew several times per year just to see what's changed.

    The game had two things that I really enjoyed. First, it was a break away from the fantasy genre, which I was a bit tired of at that point. The second being, that unlike most MMOs, which use dangling carrots and a sense of achievement to create the fun in the game (and to a lesser extent, story), simply wandering around playing in the world was fun. I haven't had as much fun with a combat system in a game ever since.

    Through in an interesting, original universe, a unique gear approach, a character creation system that is second to none, and great power effects, the game offered (offers, actually) a really fantastic experience that I haven't yet been able to recreate.


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