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how well will this pc run wow?

cajun47cajun47 Member Posts: 73®+Pentium®+Processor/9533588.p?skuId=9533588&ky=1whxm51gbOgORrn6M8JOUlLjDtR0yY7Rx&cmp=RMX&id=1218120178410


without adding a video card. if i just go to best buy, plug in the pc, install wow. what can i expect with that onboard NVIDIA GeForce 7050? 


  • mokoleusmokoleus Member Posts: 142

    well, i got a laptop with a slightly better amd cpu, but a nvidia 6150go to run LOTRO, fairly well, so i can't imagine that having problems with WoW. turn the settings down, and should get you thru the higher populated areas alright. just don't expect to be running in 1080p with all the settings cranked

  • RobsolfRobsolf Member RarePosts: 4,596

    I honestly can't imagine any PC, or even laptop made today being incapable of running WoW at 60fps.  Unless you want to run at ridiculously hi rez(1900x1440 all options) I don't see this machine having issues.

  • Kungaloosh1Kungaloosh1 Member Posts: 260

    I think your average toaster oven cpu could run wow at max settings.

  • wowfan1996wowfan1996 Member UncommonPosts: 719

    I once played WotLK on a laptop with Intel (GMA950) integrated graphics. 20+ FPS at 1280x800 with maybe a dozen of addons (at minimal settings, of course, but still).

    Pretty much anything can run WoW.

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  • CecropiaCecropia Member RarePosts: 3,972

    I've got a buddy who still runs WOW on his favorite scientific calculator from 1998.

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  • coffeecoffee Member Posts: 2,007

    WoW does need some beef to run Wotlk content at max settings, I currently have a 8800gts 640mb, Intel e6600 duel, 4mb DDR3 ram on winXP running at 1400x900x60 4xAA . 

    With those specs I can max all setting except shadows which are about 30% and get a good 45-60FPS in northrend, Dalaran drops into the 20's which is to be expected.  Raids I often have to reduce the Partical effects else I'll get FPS in the 20's again during boss fights.

    Vanilia WoW will run on a toaster but once you get into Outlands and certainly Northrend you'll need some real hardware to take advantage of the improved visuals. 

    So to the OP, yes it will run WoW but you will in no way be able to max the graphics, and it will only get worse with cataclysm so I would spend the extra now and get a good $600-$800 system.

    Heres a review of the 7050 as you can see a $50 6600gt (if you can seill find one)  blows it out of the water.


  • SkeeterxiSkeeterxi Member Posts: 265

    I dunno what it is about WoW shadows but they will cripple almost any PC if they are set to max.

    AMD Phenom II 955 Quad @ 3.7, 4gigs DDR3 Ram and a 4870x2 and I don't even run shadows on high.I hope they optimize them for better performance.

  • Frostbite05Frostbite05 Member Posts: 1,880
    Originally posted by Kungaloosh1

    I think your average toaster oven cpu could run wow at max settings.


    See that isn't true at all low end cards and integrated graphics can barely get around on med/low settings. To really enjoy the game you need to be at high settings which requires a good graphic card.

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