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[A] [Blackhand] Tired of the same guild politics? The Last Chancers wants YOU

AbroxusAbroxus Member Posts: 6  (AD free site with auto application system)

Hardened veterans and a team of dedicated WoW players have decided to take one last chance to prove that a guild can be casual and succeed. The Last Chancers is a group of gritty, mature and experienced players on the Blackhand US server (Alliance) looking for good players but also for people that want a mature environment to raid in.

Many of us have lives outside the game and are in the older age group. While we want dedicated raiders at least two nights a week we also want people that log in for more than raiding. This is our first criteria we are looking for. We want PLAYERS, not part timers. We also want people to feel this is a community and that they can get help when they need it.

We have an experienced founding crew that has cleared ToC 10/25 and most the content before that, but we are just starting out here on the Alliance side and need able body individuals that want an escape from immature drama as well as a good raiding environment.


Visit our forums and sign up for more information. Raid times are subject for negotiation


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