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WTF Alganon a clone of WoW??

DragonElderDragonElder Member CommonPosts: 62

So does that make Honda a clone of Ford?

Does that make Google a clone of Yahoo?

The point is just because something has similarities of another product doesn't make it a clone.

In the end its about the quality of the product vs the originality of its design.

Why do we buy Honda's vs Fords? Because Honda provides a vehicle that actually lasts and continously updates.

I think the real issue is that Alganon did not live up to its own horn blowing. It failed in providing all the functions and content it said it would in it release. Alganon followed the same road as Horizons Online. it claimed superiority over all mmos and failed to deliver even a percentage of that.

Over hyping and over confidence in a unfinished product is what cause much of us to be malice.

I look forward to a game that says little and does more. Show me the money!


  • grandpagamergrandpagamer Member Posts: 2,221

    One thing to remember is, every game published since WOW is a WOW clone.  Now, that will make things much easier when trying to make any sense whatsoever of some of the things said on this site.

  • coder451coder451 Member UncommonPosts: 12

    Why are you using cars as an example.Fail!Some games are clones of others.For example Rom is a clone of wow.Lunia is a clone of Maplestory.

  • DragonElderDragonElder Member CommonPosts: 62

    So I suppose that reasons that you are a clone of your father, grandfather, or great grandfather.

    Yes games released in the online rpg arena will follow the same recipe. The personalities of what is created will be what determines its success.

    Just because you were born does not give you the same rights to success as everyone else. Education and drive is what gives people success, so I imagine that a game company who educates themselves and applied themselves will also be successful.

    I guarantee that WoW did extensive research vs a company who just releases something on the fly.

  • DragonElderDragonElder Member CommonPosts: 62

    Because I am using an example that is easily understood by the masses.

    I could also say is the  Spanish language a clone of French.  Is the Korean language a clone of Chinese.

    They derived perhaps from the same origins but are indeed not the same.

  • SminchewSminchew Member Posts: 10

    It's kinda funny the double standard that Alganon is a ripoff of wow because they copied a the Ui and some of the systems where as wow is popular because it did just that to games int he past.

  • MalakhonMalakhon Member UncommonPosts: 224



     You've obviously confused over the concept of "Similar" and"Clone", the term is what is throwing you off.  Would you accept "Cheap Knock Off" if that term were used instead of "Clone"?

    There is a distinction that something that is similar, for instance two 4 door cars made by two different automakers and "A Cheap Knock Off" where I take all the components that make up a "Rolex" and attach my own "Ro1ex" brand to it and try to sell it for 30 bucks on the streets of new york.

    In Context of MMOs;

    Everquest and World of Warcraft are "Similar" in that you pick a class, play a race in a fantasy world.

    Alganon is however so close in many ways to World of Warcraft to be more of a 'cheap knock off'.

    It looks and plays the same, just not as well, and with less content, and a few gimmicky add on features like "Families"




  • ComnitusComnitus Member Posts: 2,462

    Alganon's UI:

    WoW's UI:

    Give me a break. Even if they aren't clones, they sure look a hell of a lot alike.


  • NikopolNikopol Member UncommonPosts: 626
    Originally posted by DragonElder

    Because I am using an example that is easily understood by the masses.
    I could also say is the  Spanish language a clone of French.  Is the Korean language a clone of Chinese.
    They derived perhaps from the same origins but are indeed not the same.


    First, of course the word "clone" is not used literally, it just expresses a remarkable likeness in design and signs of having been heavily influenced. The categorization is subjective at most, as all things in humanities are subjective, as even language is partly subjective. What people mean is "it's a bit too much like xxxx, all things considered".

    As for your language analogy, saying Spanish is a clone of French would actually be a bit like saying Runes of Magic is an Alganon clone. Both are Romance languages, derived from Latin. (So in your analogy, WOW would be Latin and Alganon French.)

    Also Korean and Chinese are two totally different languages. Korean is closer to the Altaic family, which makes it more related to Japanese. The Chinese dialects belong to a whole different family.



  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Member EpicPosts: 4,603

     Actually I agree that its not a clone. If it were a true clone then it would closely resemble a good, complete and somewhat coherent game and since Alganon to this point does not demonstrate any of those things then your right its not a clone. Its more like the nasty no name fruit loops in the giant clear bag at the grocery store vs the real fruit loops which is a cheap tasteless knockoff with little value except to those who cannot afford the extra 50 cents for the real thing.

  • Johnie-MarzJohnie-Marz Member UncommonPosts: 865

    I agree with Malakhon, I don't think Clone is correct. Cheap knock off would be better. Very simular but not built with the same quality of the original.

  • Best way to describe WoW vs Alganon is ...


    WoW :



  • syntax42syntax42 Member UncommonPosts: 1,378
    Originally posted by DragonElder

    So does that make Honda a clone of Ford?
    Does that make Google a clone of Yahoo?


    Your example is completely flawed.  All cars perform the same basic function.  Some cars have extra features, like a radio.  Some cars were produced on the EXACT SAME assembly line as other cars, right up until the body panels are put on.  At that point, they were called by two different names and have different brands.

    By your logic, LOTRO could be called a clone of WoW because they are the same basic item--an MMORPG--when they are actually more similar to cars with different features.

    Comparing Alganon to WoW is more like comparing the two cars that are produced on the same assembly line.  Only, this time, the Alganon car is given cheaper parts and barely works.

    People need to stop trying to argue that Alganon isn't a clone of WoW.  This time, it is using far more copied game elements from WoW than any game has in the past.  The UI is the same, but worse.  The graphics are the same, but worse.  Icons are practically copied and pasted.  Basic game mechanics and talent trees are almost identical.  Alganon is like the retarded clone from Michael Keaton's "Multiplicity."  If you haven't seen it, the retarded clone came out wrong because of copying the original too many times.

  • MikeBMikeB Community ManagerAdministrator RarePosts: 6,520

    Locking this before it gets out of hand.

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