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General: 2010 A Year in Review



  • MordenMorden Member Posts: 36

    * Jumpgate: Evolution, which released in June to little fanfare and about 100,000 subscribers*



    Did I miss somthing? JGE was never released!

  • Zorvan01Zorvan01 Member CommonPosts: 390
    Originally posted by bamdorf

    Originally posted by Nikopol

    Originally posted by MMO_Doubter

    Originally posted by odinsassassi

    I am a huge  Star Trek Fan and i am looking forward to this game alot. SO stop generalising people just because you don't like it.

    Then stop generalizing just because you do like it.

    It works both ways.

    This is a gaming forum. Speculation is a big part of that.


    Nah, doesn't work, Doubter. It's you who did the generalizing on this one, not he. Come on, now, put some effort into it, you don't wanna start the new year with lazy cynicism! :)



    Fortunately the opinions posted on these forums don't have much to do with the response of the marketplace, so relax already.

    I wonder what the posts in this forum would look like in eary 1999....course wouldn't have happened, since there UO was the only "mmo" online and EQ was entering beta, but I can just see the venom towards the idea that someone would charge A MONTHLY FEE for an online game...!!



    Meridian 59 and Neverwinter Nights on AOL were already out and charging monthly fees ( hourly fees in the case of Neverwinter Nights ) before UO even came out. I still remember the mix of shock and anger on my father's face when the $100+ phone bill came in with my NWN charges.


  • BlurrBlurr Member UncommonPosts: 2,155

    I think a good deal of these predictions are a lot closer than most people would like to believe.

    One thing I didn't notice though, no info on WoD MMO, 38 Studios MMO, or the salivating MMO in the works from "dream-team" style developers Carbine Studios.

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  • AthcearAthcear Member Posts: 420

    I really doubt that STO will do as well as half a million.  The folks who jump from game to game might pick it up for a while, but the people who think Star Trek is too nerdy will shy away, and the hardcore Star Trek fans will shy away because it's too action-y.  Old Republic and FF14 are going to be the big names.

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    3. Great solo and group content are not mutually exclusive, but they suffer when one is shoved into the mold of the other. The same is true of PvP and PvE.
    4. Community is more important than you think.

  • rozenblade1rozenblade1 Member CommonPosts: 501

    Hey...what about Rise of the Godslayer...

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  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,082
    Originally posted by Archeminos

    Originally posted by geldonyetich

    Originally posted by Ozmodan

    Originally posted by Nacon4

    Originally posted by demonic87

    Originally posted by brostyn

    Look, I-phones that are able to time travel I can wrap my mind around. STO having 500,000 subscribers? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! <gasp> <deep breath> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Talk about fantasy land...


    I hope he meant 50,000.

     Maybe he really did mean 500,000.  There are enough hardcore Trekkies out there to make it real.  Now if they could only get some more servers....

    Any hard core trekkie will litterally run from this game, it is so unstartrek.  Unfortunately many will be stupid and buy the game, but the population will drop like a rock once people understand how bad the game is. 

    It was a good read Scott, but you blew it with the Star Trek spiel, I think your crystal ball has a crack in it.

    You seem awfully certain.  Should we presume, then, that you have a crystal ball of perfect functionality?


    Don't you know? Forum Trolls are completely immune to logic.


    Actually his assumption was based on logic, unlike yours. Its very ironic to call him a troll.

    I agree that STO has nothing to do with the idea behind the TV series. Anyone who loves the series for exploring the unknown, curiousity about new species, will be seriously disappointed. With the missions dictating your options, it even takes out freedom of choice, which also is an important factor in those series.

    But yeah, I guess some people will find the star trek uniforms and spaceships enough.

  • WingmaWingma Member UncommonPosts: 102

    what gaming news has Richard Garriott been in lately? im just hearing all the space stuff he's doing

  • MordenMorden Member Posts: 36

    * Jumpgate: Evolution, which released in June to little fanfare and about 100,000 subscribers*



    Did I miss somthing? JGE was never released! Has anyone any info on this?


  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 38,648
    Originally posted by Morden

    * Jumpgate: Evolution, which released in June to little fanfare and about 100,000 subscribers*

    Did I miss somthing? JGE was never released! Has anyone any info on this?



    You missed the fact that the article is ficticious look at the future. (as if it were really Dec 2010 right now)

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  • gMan99gMan99 Member Posts: 1


    u did miss one other event

    Blizzard announces Title of their new MMO at Blizzcon in Jul and and a good chunk of MMO gamers kept occupied for the rest of 2010 by speculating on the game.

    What a cool signature!

  • SamhaelSamhael Member RarePosts: 1,370

     Awesome post -- thanks!

  • JYCowboyJYCowboy Member UncommonPosts: 652

    Was a fun read.  Very market characteristic trends to these games.  What will be exciting is the new MMO's announced in 2010 to flesh out the events of the total market.  The Hype Train will keep chugging.

  • karantanijakarantanija Member Posts: 57

    god damn i knew it...
    ambulation still didn't come out :D

    CCP stated that the next two expansions will be planetary interaction (to incorporate DUST 514 into eve) and incarna (ambulation). seeing how they do two a year that "should" happen in 2010.

    while DUST 514 might not be the next big thing, its unique nature will probably get it mentioned in 2010.

    but as far as ambulation is concerned...i have my doubts even for 2010 :(

    btw, did ever do a report on DUST? id like to read that...

  • smutsmut Member Posts: 250
    Originally posted by Morden

    * Jumpgate: Evolution, which released in June to little fanfare and about 100,000 subscribers*

    Did I miss somthing? JGE was never released! Has anyone any info on this?



    Epic fail....j/k.


    I hope there is 1 MMO this year that really sucks me in. It's been "meh" for awhile now to me. They seem so cookie cutter these days.

  • drphildrphil Member Posts: 9
    I doubt that SW:TOR will release in 2011, if it does it will probably be very early Q1. I think Q4 2010 is more likely however.


    Other then that it was a fun read. I, along with most users, disagree with STO grabbing 500k subs though. :p Hey, you never know, maybe it has some hidden potential. (lawlyeahright)
  • Yoottos'HorgYoottos'Horg Member UncommonPosts: 297

    I loved the article! I certainly don't follow the MMO world THAT much but it all seamed reasonable. And for everyone throwing around their own predictions please keep this one, mind boggling fact in mind: even SWG is still alive after all this time. If that game can last as long as it has then anything is possible!

  • SarykSaryk Member UncommonPosts: 476

    I am surprised by the STO hate on this thread. I think it will do very well. If you are a MMO gamer, you might like it, might not. But for those who have never played a MMO in their life, they will love it. Playing a MMO isn’t just about maxxing your level in a matter of days and speed past the content. True Trekkies will be in their ships shooting the breeze and hopefully starting a good community in the game.


    Good Article!

  • Sora2810Sora2810 Member Posts: 567

     I think swtor will release before that, I also think it will have a lot of hype, and swg veterans like myself will just suck it up and play a really awesome game


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  • Sora2810Sora2810 Member Posts: 567
    Originally posted by Zorndorf

    It's with these kind of articles and sarcastic predictions, I am always reminded the editors of are recruited from their own crowd.
    Let's see:
    - Cataclysm with 2 times the word "fail" in it. And OP : the opening sales weekends doesn't matter much to Blizzard. It is the steady yearly income from the subs that kill the revenus of COD and other games compared to WOW. Even in 2010 (Cata), 2011 (film), 2012 level 90 .... Well at least till COD will have subs.
    - Star Wars: blindlessly promoting the next big thing. "Internet will explode...and "positve" " Yep just like Warhammer, Lord of the Rings and Conan did. Not much "massive" Lore left after this one isn't it ? :)))
    - Linden Labs, it isn't seriously considered an mmorpg over here. So lillte bit stabbed (and being linked to SOE and Cataclysm helps of course). Money is not needed on One wonders who pays the bills.
    - FF14 actually holds some insight. Delayed for PC's for a Japanase game. One wonders ... what would have happened if Morhaime and Pardo decided they would go with consoles back in 2002... Bye Bye game PC's in Japan.
    - Clearly ST is not on the same wish list as SW in this article. Probably because it doesn't belong to the EA stable. And by lack of its killer status. But again ST can go a long way with the engine. I hope it kills those mediocre money makers that confuse level grinds with computer gameplay. The 500K long term subs are over the edge again. Perhaps thinking about the bills to be paid after all here. I predict 300 K long term subs, but on Xfire it will still be beaten by the A-team logging boys of Aoin. After all who even doubts the NCsoft Korean is less played than Counterstrike....
    As an interesting side note ...: "Aside from this column, Scott is also currently contracting with NCsoft..." Cough...
    - A VERY optimistic view of the "holding on" to subs of all other games. Yes, it finally sets in... has to be saved after all. I very much question the optimistic "holding on". Unless you want to ignore the open letters of Directors in games like Vanguard and the cuts in FunCom personnel and you would consider under 50K subs as "holding on".
    Next insightful article on please....

    When it comes down to games with a lot of lore like AOC, LOTRO. What matters most is the company doing them. Perfect example was MxO (Matrix Online), when Warner owned it, the game was amazing, dev's actually took role in the game, they would come in from time to time as a main character and RP it out when we had world events. They showed passion for the game, and it's players followed. Having parties in clubs with radio stations actually made for the game, Radio Free Zion, I still remember it, but, as soon as a good game reaches SOE, well, you know. I think SOE just 'buys' it's competition so it can kill it and make room for EverCrack. I solely would put money on BioWare. They haven't failed me yet (except for dragon's age), but that's ok! They need to fail once ;)

    FFIV will also bring back a lot of old players. I think this game will be undeniably fun. I also think since it's new and shiny, it will rake in a lot of console players too. Xbox and PS don't really have any MMO hold in America. Huxley, was sold to Ijji, a company like codemasters, and probably won't be brought to consoles. This is where FFIV can try and get the console MMO gamers who can't and don't want to dish out money for a 'big rig'.

    Second Life being sold? I believe it. 

    I can't say anything about STO, never read about it, never watched the shows, I'm not really all the personally into it, but if it's a good game, you don't have to know anything about it to play it. The game should either immerse you into the universe, or help you to understand it through text and quests. I might try it. 

    Cataclysm, sure, another wow expansion. Punctual blizzard is, despited their timing issues, *cough* diablo 3 *cough*. Another dollar into BlizzActivision's pocket! At least they aren't making a new world or anything, luckily.

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  • LocienLocien Member Posts: 87

    I disagree with most of this article to be honest lol. I don't think STO will become that popular. And SWTOR seeing a release in 2010 isn't something that can be said for certain, it might as well take another year to finish it, but we'll see.

    I have very strong doubts that Cataclysm will sell as well as WotLK, WoW is getting old and even if they spit out more expansions I'm sure most people are going to be fed up with the game.

    I also doubt there will be a delay for the windows release of FFXIV, seeing as how they're going to start the beta testing exclusively on PC.

    There's also a few games missing in the equation that could be of huge importance. Mainly TERA Online which is ramping up for a worldwide release that I'm sure is going to be spectacular when people start finding out about the game, as of now pretty much no one has even heard of the game, if you haven't I think you should take a look. And if Blade and Soul actually gets released this year in English(which I doubt) it will probably attract some of NCsoft's old crowd, people from Lineage 2 and Aion will certainly start playing it.

    I'm betting that 2010's winners will be FFXIV and TERA Online.

  • CzargioCzargio Member Posts: 183

     Lum, you forgot to mention Fallen Earth and how far it has come. It has been steadily fleshing out the world and gaining fans, and it's starting to become quite a big deal.

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