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Looking for a game like world of warcraft (not what you think)

shenfreyshenfrey Member UncommonPosts: 114

Ok, i know your first thought, im gonna be asking for an mmo like WoW that is free... well no. I am more then willing to pay but this is what i want..:

Similler loot system - Loot colours - for e.g Blue Rare, Green Uncommon, purple epic. But a game where the epics are special and when you get one your like WOW (no pun intended)

Smooth gameplay - What i mean is, gameplay that doesnt feel jerky and off, like Warhammer online for e.g, when i play that, something just doesnt feel right, the gameplay just feels a little un-responsive and not as impactful as when i play WoW. (This one is hard to explain, i hope SOME of you understand what i mean)

Graphics - I want graphics that are detailed and not just bland and boring, not bothered about techincal, just want them to be nice to look at. Good art etc.

Populer - Well not mega populer, but populer enough so that it feels like an mmorpg and not a single player exp with tonnes and tones of ONLY max level guys.

Lastly, I want the game to feel rewarding and fulfilling regardless of how much time i have. For E.G in WoW i can jump in an instance in a flash, i can do a quest and get something for it and feel really rewarded. I want a game that offers me this to : ) 

Its alot to ask for i understand, but it does not hurt to ask : )


Thanks guys!


  • galahangalahan Member Posts: 14

     Are there things you don't like about WoW or are you just looking for new content?

    Might help in narrowing things down. 

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    mm !kind of vague!

    the number two game after wow in the mmo world is aion,graphic can be insane looking or better looking then average a low setting

    one caution tho!since this game wasnt optimised (thing like large adress aware for 32 or 64 bit)and its not a 64 bit game

    so for most gamer it wont be playable at max setting since you will hit the 2gig cap very fast and the game seems to have problem detecting when to unload file they did change it and it is better but it still hit a wall if you set it too high

    they will problably change the way the game work to unload memoery faster or i dont know what but for now dont go higher the half (at your screen native resolution.)some report having no issue so its kind of a hard problem to pinpoint

    large adress aware do work to a certain extent but since the memory doesnt unload fast enough it just delay the issue it doesnt remove the problem

    aion is a great game

    lotro is also a good game but suffer the similar issue as aion  i wrote previously

  • DeuiDeui Member Posts: 61

    You might want to check out EQ2. Similar to WoW in many ways so it would be easy to get into. The combat you might not like, it might even kill your gaming experience as it seems to be quite important to you. It's something you just gotta try and see if you learn to like it.  

  • ZoulzZoulz Member Posts: 477

     Why don't you just play wow? :)

  • AbrahmmAbrahmm Member Posts: 2,448

    Check out Guild Wars. It's a great game with awesome graphics and amazing story. The epicness of gear is determined by the skin that it has and the color of it's label(blue, purple, gold, green), but gear itself isn't what makes you good, it's the skills you have and how you use them. You can have max gear in 20 minutes of play time, but spend hours and hours hunting rare, expensive gear.

    In my personal opinion, Guild Wars is a far better game than WoW in almost every way.

    Tried: LotR, CoH, AoC, WAR, Jumpgate Classic
    Played: SWG, Guild Wars, WoW
    Playing: Eve Online, Counter-strike
    Loved: Star Wars Galaxies
    Waiting for: Earthrise, Guild Wars 2, anything sandbox.

  • LasastardLasastard Member Posts: 604

    EQ2, or, well, WOW - since you seem to be so stuck in that particular mind set.

    All other games I can think dont qualify for one reason or the other because they are not exactly like WoW ;)

  • whisperwyndwhisperwynd Member UncommonPosts: 1,668


  • Cpt_PicardCpt_Picard Member Posts: 300

    Might I throw lotro in there... The color system for loot is rather diverse...

    Make it so...

  • JazqaJazqa Member Posts: 465

    Allods Online or Runes of Magic? 

    Everquest 2 is awesome but it has some tiny bugs that you WoW players may dislike, also the UI isn't perfect compared to WoW's

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