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Hardcore! Get a fracking reality check pleae?

UmbroodUmbrood Member UncommonPosts: 1,809

It is time again for my annual rant on this site, and here goes.

This year it is the bloody friggin "hardcore" people that will get the shaft.

The same friggin second you apply something like "hardcore" to a video game you have lost, you have lost your dignity and your frickin mind.

Let us all get things in perspective here shall we?

Beating the most horrific encounters ever imagined in any MMO, or video game, in the history of virtual entertainment, or crossing a road.

Most hardcore?

Well, even in a permadeath game, regardless of time spent your potential loss is?

Time, it may be hundreds, or even thousands of hours lost, hours in front of your computer that is, which in all honesty probably is time lost from your potential lifespan.

At a road crossing?

Well, all of your hours to come!

Frankly, the friggin hardest things you can even imagine in a video game is pretty much the fracking most softcore thing you could ever imagine in real life!

Yes I am really mad, can you tell?

But when you refer to something that is less dangerous then picking your nose as "hardcore", you have friggin vawed your rigth to comment about anything, at all!

Hey, and to top it of, I know for a fact that we have quite a few service men and women on this site.

People who are acutely aware of what "hardcore" mean, and friggin trust me on this their definition of hardcore is NOT the destiny of our pixels on a screen!

So fuck it, ( and really, i had to use at least one of these here, please do not moderate it? ),, even if you refer to the most devestating encounter ever in your MMO career could you please refeer to it as "moderately annoying" instead of "hardcore"?

To anyone who have loved and lost it is just a fucking insult!

To sum it up, the more time you spend in your chair, in front of your computer, living a life that is imaginary, avoiding any of the REAL hardcore stuff of life the more of a *please put any of your most horrible curse word here* you are!!


And as usual with my  new years rants I am a bit drunk so if you feel the urge to comment on my spelling then go ahead, I can not promise I will learn from it, english is not my native language.

Allthough admittedly I find it wonderful.


Oh, and I forgot, happy new years, honestly to all of you, regardless, I wish you all the best.






Originally posted by Jerek_

I wonder if you honestly even believe what you type, or if you live in a made up world of facts.


  • LansidLansid Member UncommonPosts: 1,097

     Blizzards new secret IP will please you. Think about it. Blizzard owns the casual market. Who do you think they'll target next? Have hope friend... have hope.

    "There is only one thing of which I am certain, and that's nothing is certain."

  • AngorimAngorim Member Posts: 466

    Other than the utter hypocrisy being spewed in this post about wasting your time playing games when you're doing just that, it's a playstyle to be "hardcore" though I will admit I hate elitist morons.  The market is already dominated by casual, mindless games with low-risk, huge instant rewards and there is a serious lack of games where the reward is weighed by the risk.


    PS - Using "fracking" a thousand times didn't exactly help your case, but you admit you're drunk and can't think for yourself so that pretty much explains it.

  • LawlmonsterLawlmonster Member UncommonPosts: 1,085

    I read the first couple lines and then realized I'm too hardcore for this thread.

    "This is life! We suffer and slave and expire. That's it!" -Bernard Black (Dylan Moran)

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