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How do you find good PvP?



  • PatchDayPatchDay Member Posts: 1,641
    Originally posted by Yamota

    Originally posted by Varny

    They should just put Battlegrounds in the game like say you're in Jita and theres a POI in space which is a Battleground free for all but you can only bring frigates and you can't destroy pods.

    Then I'd love to PVP because it is fair and I don't have to keep spending loads on implants. I hate the world PVP because you never come across a fair fight and that is boring.


    Yeah I agree fair fights is always more fun than ganking (regardless if you are ganking or being ganked). All respect to the guy who went through all the effort in baiting other people to attack him by appearing weaker, but I dont feel one should need such an effort just to get people to fight you in a fair fight.

    Battlegrounds would go a long way of introducing a different way of PvP in Eve. However I doubt they will ever implement it because the outcry from the existing player base would be huge since Eve is supposed to be "hardcore". A shame though since this game could have many more types of PvP than it currently does.

    But with STO coming up the two games could cater to different nisches. STO will, most likely, cater to casual PvP/PvErs while Eve continues to cater to hardcore PvPers and empire builders. I plan to play both (if STO does not turn into a piece of garbage).


    Hahahaha! I thought I've seen you post in Champions online forum. If you ever played CO then why in the heck would you ever trust Cryptic to deliver good pvp in STO???? They are not a good game dev

    Fair fights are great but you can get that in an FPS. Thats what I play when I want that


    The beauty of EVE is that it resembles real life. PVP is dynamic. Asymmetric. Like a real war.

    That being said, you can find very challenging fights were the numbers are fairly decent. But you gotta get Intel.

    This should be expected when resources are on the line. So ofc you send in a scout to evaluate their numbers. If you think you got a shot, you fight. If you don't, you run. If they want to force a fight, they box you in (gates are easy to bottleneck especially if hostile gang in your space and you have jumpbridges to get ahead of them).


  • Vindicate.Vindicate. Member Posts: 1

    The corp I'm in we run nightly cruiser and/or battlecruiser roams. We have a few different areas that are notorious for being decent PvP fights. On our way we'll usually pop a few ships along the way. But for the most part our ops are suicide ops (T1 cruisers T1 battlecruisers) and it's always a good time just roaming around tryen to instigate a fight! It's rare we don't find a decent fight or a blob that's larger than us. This is incredibly fun to me haha. Much better than searching asteroid belts for ratters to kill...

  • EleazarosEleazaros Member UncommonPosts: 206
    Originally posted by sonoggi

    Originally posted by batolemaeus


    Originally posted by Ettirxa

    what you just described sounds far more boring to me.



    symmetrical warfare is probably the most boring activity games can offer. You already know everything. Eve, however, is all about information warfare.


    fanboy bullshit. i dont care what you say, i've been playing longer than you and in some of the top pvp corps and alliances. many of my buds quit, as did i after i realized this tough love "unfair" universe is a guise for a very boring timesink.


    I wouldn't call it bullshit but I would say it's wrong.  I believe the phrase they were actually looking for is espionage and intrigue.

    As in lie about what's up and try to scam or con others into doing something stupid so you can beat them with the least amount of effort -- it tends to work on less experienced/more trusting players but not very often on the veteran groups.

    Intelligence gathering -- yes.  Information warfare?  No.

    You don't gut your opponents information technologies in a war.  You only research information on them by various means and they tend to reciprocate by researching your groups too.

    Local -- can't block that.  Killboards -- can't block what others show.  etc... 

    So what information technologies are being destroyed or utilized to assault your enemies?  AFK cloakers? I wouldn't really call that info warfare but some might... "there's someone in the system that may shoot me!  Oh no!"  Plenty of nullsec types are all hyper about this topic these days but it's common in all space when wars are going on.

    Sorry -- smack talk doesn't count as information warfare, no matter how much some may wish it did.

    As for your experience -- I'd go with what some others have said:  You didn't get into good groups for finding such fights.  Yes there's mass gang-rape type PvP going on in the game but there are also plenty of more balanced fights.  

    Pirating has never been about "fair fights" so don't expect to hear praise for that kind of combat from those into that aspect of game play nor to be involved all that often in it if that's the type of group you hang with.

  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    Spreading Misinformation, feeding spies bullshit, general propaganda. Yes, that's information warfare. It goes far beyond intelligence gathering if you try to actively sabotage information gathering of your opponent.

    There is a lot of FUD being spread any time someone invades or gets invaded. There are a few textbook examples, like the "eye of terror" propaganda campaign that mostly consisted of spreading FUD and barely any military.

  • Bozo256Bozo256 Member Posts: 74

    You have lots of options:

    - Red vs Blue is great fun for small gang and solo T1 cruiser or smaller pew pew.

    - Most NPC 0.0 is good for small roaming gangs.  Pick a good NPC 0.0 and you'll be able to get a decent 5-10 man gang fight several times a night.  There's a handful of corps and alliances out there who do nothing but small gang pew pew in NPC 0.0, look them up.

    - Lowsec piracy (or anti-piracy) can get you an occasional good fight if you're looking for roaming 1-2 man pew pew.

    - I've never done FW or lived in FW areas, so I can't comment on that.

    - Highsec wars can get you good fights too, but more often than not you'll find your opponents will either disappoint you with their lack of experience in the art of pew pew or they'll bust out logistic alts.

    - You can even find small gang pew pew where you're at now, so long as you're willing to lead your own gang instead of X'ing up with an official blob AND you're willing to travel to find it.

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