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For the record: WoW communtiy, fanbase, etc, doesn't exist.

KroggKrogg Member Posts: 480

In every one of these threads there is a post or three where someone tries to conjure up some strange entity called 'wow players'. 

Just wanted to give a heads up to all of you who assume people can only play one game, YOU ARE WRONG.

I play wow.  Also eq2, eve,  coh, lotro, aion, and will be happily paying for sto beta key.

And I am not alone.  Many of my friends who play wow also play multiple titles, as well as console sometimes.  So can you kids smarten up and understand that there is no wow community.  Just a bunch of gamers with varying tastes.  Are all americans the same?  Are all Irish the same?  All Canadians?  Nope... see a pattern?

Everyone likes to jump on the guy who plays wow and throws up a nasty post, falsely somehow assuming he represents anyone but himself.   Even within a game you have people with opposing views.  I'm sure you wouldn't agree with me if I said you and everyone who plays your game of choice are all in the same boat with the same opinions.   So let's use our brains, I know it makes things terribly difficult when you have to look at each individual alone.  But really, you only make yourself look the fool when you generalize anything.

Sorry to burst your bubbles. 


  • rafaelrehnrafaelrehn Member Posts: 235

    gee thanks for sharing

  • GoodAfternoonGoodAfternoon Member UncommonPosts: 252


  • ThenariusThenarius Member Posts: 1,106

    I find the drama created by "I play WoW" hilarious.

    It's understandable however: MMOs require a lot of time to put in.

    Many MMO players don't play other genres(not as true as it was back then, when you really needed to grind the **** out of everything)and will get attached to their MMO/character.

    That's why you see so much use of fanboy/hater and so much use of casual/hardcore(even if there far more hardcore games out there). From the PoV of so many people, MMOs are still an isolated genre(which is true to an extent) and the only valid genre in gaming for them.

  • wowfan1996wowfan1996 Member UncommonPosts: 719

    You think you can stop the real haters? No. They can't be convinced or even reasoned with. Because they listen only to themselves. In those little minds, whatever points you make, are dismissed BEFORE you make them.

    Even if you ridicule them like they deserve, it doesn't really help for two reasons. First, because they are legion. Second, because true trolls don't care. They just want to draw attention. No matter what kind of attention.

    MMORPG genre is dead. Long live MMOCS (Massively Multiplayer Online Cash Shop).

  • djazzydjazzy Member Posts: 3,578
    Originally posted by ncryan10



  • Banhammer16Banhammer16 Member Posts: 75

     so because a serial killer does the same things i do means you cant judge him just on his serial killings? 0.o


  • ChlodwigChlodwig Member Posts: 150

    I have to agree: There's no such thing as the archetypical WoW player.

    Basically, I see WoW as that what a burger joint is for a party of people who need to get some food into their face. One might want italian, but there's always the guy who had pizza last night and doesn't want it again. One might want japanese, but someone always can't stomach Sushi.

    Burgers is something everyone can agree on, it's probably not what anyone really wants but it's the only place your whole bunch of friends could go to without splitting up into smaller groups. So people go get burgers.

    WoW represents the same least common denominator for me. Some of the people you want to play with might go for EvE, but the beancounter MMO ain't everyone's taste. Some might want to go for EQ, but some don't want to go to an ancient MMO where you can't get anywhere in time. Others might want to play 2nd life but some don't want to play a sandbox game without a goal. Vanguard is appealing to the crafters in your group of friends, but others don't want to go to a deserted MMO...

    WoW offers something for everyone and that's something all your friends can agree on, so you all go there.

    Does everyone want the same out of the game? Hell no. Some want raid, raid, raid. Some want to socialize. Some want to craft some neat looking suits. Some want to explore and find beautiful places. Some want the group experience.

    You won't find "the" WoW player. You can only find a lot of people playing the game for very different reasons.

  • KroggKrogg Member Posts: 480
    Originally posted by Banhammer16

     so because a serial killer does the same things i do means you cant judge him just on his serial killings? 0.o


    I'm sorry, your analogy makes no sense to me at all, please explain.

  • KroggKrogg Member Posts: 480
    Originally posted by rafaelrehn

    gee thanks for sharing


    You're welcome.  I'm glad I could help you get your post count up.

  • twiggy550twiggy550 Member UncommonPosts: 492
    Originally posted by Krogg

    Originally posted by rafaelrehn

    gee thanks for sharing


    You're welcome.  I'm glad I could help you get your post count up.


    You seem to be good at that too.

    "IRL is a pretty upstanding MMO with thousands of classes, a lot of PvP and even some pretty unique emotes and titles you can acquire. Explore that world first, then we'll talk about this virtual one."

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