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Just because you don't know how to play...

GyrusGyrus Member UncommonPosts: 2,413

... doesn't make it a bad game.


Is the cry of the Travian Fanboi.


No, what makes it a bad game is the fact that the best advice anyone can give you if you get farmed by a big alliance or catapulted or 'crop locked' is "delete your account".

Seriously - check the official forums.

Imagine a game of Chess where the advice if someone captured your Rook was "resign and restart"?

It is a production race.  Pure and simple.  And an RMT production race at that.

You pay real money to buy gold to increase your production output by 25%... so those that don't pay money can't compete.


Compare this to games like Urban Dead, Pardus and a host of others.

Yeah, you have premium accounts there too - but it doesn't stop people competing because of the way the game is designed.

You come up against a "Plus Account" player in Travian and you can either buy gold too or give up.

Not to mention that it is not an MMORPG.  It is a Logistic Spreadsheet management 'game'.

Can't believe it's listed here.

Flame away Fanbois - but be warned I can link to threads on this in the official forums.

Nothing says irony like spelling ideot wrong.



  • bambookbambook Member UncommonPosts: 180

    i support you

  • hooptyhoopty Member Posts: 788

    There only a FEW browser games i like and this is NOT one of them..Agree with the OP!

    Some people rob you at gun point..Others will rob you at "Ball Point Pen"

  • MagicSkyMagicSky Member Posts: 3

    Travian is impossible to play without paying, you will end up being robbed of all your materials all the time

    and it is by far the most expensive game I ever played.

    I was on the winning team of  last and the game is ok, if you can play 7/24 and can afford it


  • jablaxjablax Member Posts: 1

    Honestly, maybe the worst game ever! I was home with the flu for a week and started playing. At the beginning of the game you get "beginners protection" so the first couple days are okay. The point of the game is to build your town, create and army and "farm" resources form other towns.

    I built up my town had my armies and the second my BP was over I was raided every 30 minutes by one of the advanced allied towns around me.

    The truly frustartion part was how rude and obnoxious the other players are. I got messages like "you should have read in my bio not to move here, I am going to wipe you off the map" and "You must be stupid to build a town near  (- -) {allied guild in the game} , nice knowing you."

    The only way to be successful in this game is to start at the beggining of a server and flush cash in like no tomorrow. Finally you have to be on literally 24 hours a day. I took a 3 hour nap an woke up to find I was being attacked 12 times by the same person who not only destroyed my armies that had come back (the work of the entire time I had been playing) but destroyed most of my buildings. So after 6 days I was worse off then when I had started. Also I had no communication with this other player, had no raided his towns or anything.

    The hilarious thing is the players cant understand why new people do not play.

    And yes the best advice they cn offer on the forms for someone who is getting trashed all day is to delete and restart.

    SO either you have to dedicate yourself to this game and basically no other or go someone else.

  • RodentofdoomRodentofdoom Member Posts: 273

    I tried it before i saw even listed here

    It was a vaguely amusing 2 weeks, then it just gets boring.


    When a 3+ village player with a population of 500+ is actually encouraged to mercilessly stomp all over a newbie with a population of under 60,  just speaks of piss-poor design decisions.

    The fact that said Travian veterans are proud of these accomplishments on defeating hordes of newbies speaks volumes on the type of player this game attracts.



    Planaterian (sp?) had more going for it tbh.

    Play Travian ?? tbh disemboweling yourself with a wooden spoon is more entertaining.

  • Grim113Grim113 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Well all of you are right.

    But I can say that if you play in a good team of players that help each other you don't have the problems of farmers like you said.

    Every time I played I was in the top 1000 without gold and never had problems that I or my team mates couldn't fix :P

    Yes you have to be active every day but not all the time unless you run or hep run an alliance...
  • RobsolfRobsolf Member UncommonPosts: 4,506

    There are strategies to the thing, but in the end, it is a matter of, "if you don't start when the server starts, and work your way into the biggest alliances, you're boned sooner or later".  Also, if you happen to be set up in a bad place, you're also boned.

    It's one of few games where, wherever the game happens to start you on the map can even force you to delete.

    It is what it is.  And yep, part of what it is is a game where they hope people will create free accounts, and not delete them, so other players have farms.

  • FeldronFeldron Member UncommonPosts: 337

    while you guys have gone over the statagy the large players use you are over looking the whys

    the point for them is to gain all the reasource around them and grow faster then any one else can leading to fights will other big players and the end game battles

    the game allows multi logging through a in game feature so the top players account are on 24/7 its a requirement for most top guilds even

    basically if a top player isnt on 24/7 they cant fight the top players who are as they can litterally be wiped out while sleeping, and will be if any of the top players find out they are 24/7 on because they are great farm target

    also the rudeness in the game is also required in many cases because the sooner the player acepts the fact that they are a farm the sooner they can get back to working on tough targets and guild fights

    A small player cant hurt  them but they can get in the way but attacking the top players farms it lowers the top players reasource intake meaning the top player must stop a small player who builds forces by making them a farm or wipe them out with cats


    a normal player in this game is a farm nothing you can do about that its how the game works

  • menasuremenasure Member Posts: 75

    it's true this game requires a quite insane amount of 'getting online'. it's not like you spend hours online at the start, there's not enough to do then but if you want to keep an edge you have to make sure you log in when the next improvement, attack, guild action or whatever is at hand ... that's also the reason why i eventually quit this game. i just don't like games who try to set my agenda at their rythm, especially because i tend to get sucked in. nevertheless i've had a lot of fun in those 2 months i played intensively. it's not like there's tons of stuff to do by itself but there are ways to make things fun.

    i've never really like farming others over and over again, usually i farmed them and then gave them tips on how to prevent that, if they were active enough and took my advice i recruited them for the clan... after all what else are you going to do? spend all time you have farming the same villages over and over just to keep them oppressed? well that's how some 'hardcore' players play it and also part of the game but not really my cup of tea.

    i enjoyed the guild more where we helped some of the unfortunates who were taunted by some of the big clans or players with too much spare time and serious armies because of that. always fun to see the hardcore guys crash into a defensive wall of all the armies of 10 people at once and have them cry or threaten because of their loss :p.

    it's the small stuff which makes it funny. some day i notice that one of our new members -actually a 'farm' but with the potential to be a good player- did not receive any attacks anymore after weeks of suffering from invasions with an insane army which even some of our best members would not be able to cope with on their own. this was surprising because the guy who attacked him was a total hardcore kind of guy who did not respond anything friendly even on the diplomatic front. when i asked my guildie if the other guy had given up he simply replied: "no, thanks to your guys help with keeping my armies safe i've managed to build up an even bigger army than him and he's now my permanent farm!" i laughed for 5 minutes non-stop after reading that :)

    in fact i've had my share of laughs throughout the game. i've even had my neighbour infiltrate in an ennemy guild as a 'spy' for me and had all sorts of fun sending peeps messages about 'secret alliances' across other guilds ... some even wanted to join those mostly fictional alliances and that's how some were eventually formed ...

    this kind of games is not much on it's own but it definitely is what you make of it. you need some luck with your neighbours but if i was not a farm then it was not only because of my activity on the battlefield, the more powerfull players just had too much fun reading about the things i did to want to get rid of me :)

  • AleeacerixAleeacerix Member UncommonPosts: 12

    I agree with you. Travian is a game where you build and kill, kill, kill and destroy people! It's like a race, but this time it takes your real life away. The only way players are going to survive these types of games is to get 4 people to play in one account. No casual players are going to survive this game in a week.

    And it gets worse in their forums. The fanboys there are complete trolls. They bash you every single time you post a replay. They expect you to know every single post they typed! And the reputation system in the US forum is a abusing system. To survive this forum, you got to be a troll. And the mods and admin won't help you.

    If you add a RTS game in an MMORPG site, we are going to delete it!

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