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pvp that matters

blackrainbowblackrainbow Member Posts: 26

so , i've been playing mmo's for a while, but never really got into the PVP aspect except for WOW, which, i thought, besides being a bit of a grind, was amazing.  but i've been playing quite a few games lately to see what i like and i have managed to find a few, well with the other aspects i mean. but what i'm looking for now is a game i can play that has PVP that isn't a complete sidestep from the game. What i mean is, i don't want pvp to be the core element, such as Fury, but i don't want it to be just all duels and no rewards.  WOW did such an amazing job with the Honor points and emblems. So the currency and points aspect is a definite plus. then there was a game i read about that had a curreny called 'Victy' that you can use for "cash-shop" like items such as exp bonuses.  plus i think world pvp is boring, and in some cases might be an extremely rare occurence.  so Battleground type battles would be awesome. oh and i should mention that the game should be free to play with or without cash shops. if i had the money I'd still be playing WOW. thanks


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