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Acong Stocking Stuffer!

MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

This holiday season, Ndoors released again a new Box that contains the rarest and best items on our players’ wishlists! Open an Acong’s Stocking Stuffer today to find Mounts, Decorations, In-game Items, and Clothing.

Did I read it right? Ndoors will be donating a portion of ALL sales of Acong's Stocking Stuffer to the charity Child's Play. Thorugh they want to bring millions of dollars in toys, games, books, and money for sick childern in hospitals all across America.

For me better to have a donation rather than nothing at all. Let's just think that we are the one donating in the Charity because Ndoors got the money from us, At least we are playing for a CAUSE. Any amount would mean a LOT already and any % that Ndoors give to the charity wecan't do anything about it at least we've been a part of the donation. And still were not force to Buy the box right? it's up to us if we want to buy to gain more donations.


Check out this link for more info:



  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    Or you could donate directly to Child's Play, have all of your money go them and have that donation be eligible for a tax write off for you and not for a company.

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  • uhjpaeuhjpae Member Posts: 165

    I think it's great. You get a chance to obtain the druid quest items and at the same time with the 35% bonus it's not a loss at all. I myself might purchase $100 worth of Gcoins (that's about 13,500 Gcoins because of the bonus) and the 3,500 bonus Gcoins is almost enough to get the Acongs' Stocking Stuffer. In the end it's like I didn't spend anything for it and I even get to help the charity.

    Here's to the holiday spirit! ^^v

    Happy holidays everyone!


  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    Well I think that it's great. I get to have an item and at the same time donate as well.

  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222

    Well, apparently it's like only 5% going to charity. So $2.

    And given the apparently odds of getting something good (instead of costumes), you are probably best off buying $30 worth of Atlas Ores and donating the rest to charity yourself.

    I like this game, but Ndoors is by far the most shady item mall I've seen. Even on their holiday, charity stuff they are basically ripping people off majorly. Pay $40 to get 2 costumes worth maybe 400-450 million in game (with maybe a 10% chance of getting something good). I guess that's better than the $10  boxes who have even worse odds and give you absolutely nothing if you don't get the good item. But's just tacky. Really really tacky.

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  • elit3gam3relit3gam3r Member Posts: 186

    I just tried this acong stocking stuff last day and I''ve got a pair of gothic costume.. well not bad compare to the other boxes that has a low chance to get some good costume or mount.

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  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    Well it's our choice whether we feel like buying that box, they don't force us anyways.. it's expensive in someway but when you got the Druid item it's a Jackpot! right? And if you don't trust them on the donations, you can jsut send you donation directly to the Child's play site.

    Now the rumor was true, we can get the Druid item in the IM..huhuu

  • MuwingMuwing Member Posts: 14

    Based on the amount of popups, this box is a real success.

    Rich players can get their Druid, complete their clothes/mounts book "easily",
    Other players have more possibilities to buy these items with their in-game gold,
    Ndoors is making a lot of money to support the evolution of Atlantica Online,
    Child's Play will receive a decent amount of money., Atlantica Online fansite.

  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    I've read in the main forums, someone already has a druid... lucky guy. Did you think he got lucky with the acong stuffeR?

  • uhjpaeuhjpae Member Posts: 165

    It could be that not only that player got the druid quest items but that player bought it from them so that he/she could be the first to have the druid. ^^

    BTW, I tried the acongs' stocking stuffer and I got a lucifer's wing! Really not bad!


  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    Mine is better.. another griffin heading straight to the market.

  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    Well got my Stuffer but I only got a Maid Costumes.... :( grrrrr

  • uhjpaeuhjpae Member Posts: 165

    Thanks to Acongs Stocking Stuffer there are now 2 players who have the Druid mercenary. ^^


  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    Does anyone know the name of the Druid Item that can be obtain in the Stuffer?

  • uhjpaeuhjpae Member Posts: 165

    Giant Bull's Horn, Shining Gold Sickle and Heavenly Crystals. ^^


  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    Wish I had gotten  one of those. Oh Well, I guess I'll get my druid by exchanging coins.

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