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Why does the Wii lack RPG games?



  • HYPERI0NHYPERI0N Member Posts: 3,515

    Before the Wii and the DS came out Nintendo was a dying company. Its gamecube had bombed and ts competators were taking over. The way nintendo saved themselves worked out pretty well in the end, first they released a new revamped handheld that worked with a wide range of games, then they released the wii which was a relativly cheap console with a new controll system that worked pretty well.

    Overal nintendo did quite well wit the Wii.

    Another great example of Moore's Law. Give people access to that much space (developers and users alike) and they'll find uses for it that you can never imagine. "640K ought to be enough for anybody" - Bill Gates 1981

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    mm i got to say the guy that had the idea of the full wii thingy probably has a grand mother who love to move and grove

    because wii is direclty targetting at people that have almost never gamed or people that like to move while playing

    and i  got to say i never thot it was a market so big.

    there are lot of people that love to play but only if you move

    hell lot of old people house thing go wii know ,why!the nurse dont want to fight with the elderly to make that person move

    telling that elderly to go play a wii game that make them move is way easier

    i bet countless of nurse are very happy to see their charge moving for the first time in decade.

  • EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949

    The lack of RPGs on the Wii has been frustrating. It seems the Nintendo DS is the Nintendo device where the RPGs are heading however. A good number of them. Granted some are rereleases such as the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series but a nice number of them are new and many of them are well done. Very similar of course but well done.

    I'm looking forward to Glory of Heracles RPG to be released. It's been an RPG series that has been on Nintendo systems since the 80s and it's finally being released outside of Japan. The 5th game in the series.

    There is nothing wrong with the Wii getting RPGs however I think it could be two thing stopping it. One it was totally written off at the start. In fact developers have been giving Nintendo systems the shoulder, outside of hand helds since the N64 and it just has gotten worse over time. The reasons for that are varied of course. Since they did that and RPGs tend to take longer development time compared to other types of games, at least the really good ones and those that make them are trying to make them more into cinematic pieces (Square-Enix leading the pack in this regard) that could be why RPGs aren't on the Wii. The next one being that Nintendo refuses it seems to pay for games the way others would. Microsoft did this big time, even funding some games partly to have them on the Xbox 360. That's part of why they have so many RPGs, at least Japanese RPGs on the system even though it hasn't done that well in Japan itself.

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