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Info for this game

Thelostone77Thelostone77 Member Posts: 9

Release- Spring 2010


System Requirements-

Minimum: Recommended:

CPU: Pentium 3, 1.0GHz CPU: Pentium 4, 1.8GHz

RAM: 512MB RAM: 1 GB

Graphics: 128MB w/3D Acceleration Graphics: 256MB w/3D Acceleration


OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista

Direct X: 9.0c

Hard Drive Space: 1GB (Likely to increase)

Unconfirmed Graphics Requirements:

Pixel Shader 2.0+


Sign up for CBT-


For more information click this link-


Info on classes-



There are several things you can do to change the stats on your equipment.

1. Enchanting

- This adds magical modifiers to your equipment. Example: +x hp.

- You can have up to 4 of these. 3 will be random, 1 will be fixed (known ahead of time)

- The fixed modifiers come from a different component than the random ones

- This is done at the enchanter NPC

2. Reinforcing

-This upgrades the basic stats of your equipment. The amount upgraded is slightly randomized.

-This adds a + to your equipment (ex: +1)

-It is safe up to +3, your equipment has a chance of breaking past +3

-This can add glows to your weapons

-This is done at the alchemist NPC

3. Level Requirement Reduction

- This lowers the level requirement for a piece of equipment

- This is done at the blacksmith NPC

4. Transfer the stats from one piece of equipment to another

- One purpose of this would be if you liked the looks of one piece of equipment over another, you can transfer the stats from the "ugly" equipment to the one you like.

- This is done at the blacksmith NPC

You can upgrade items up to (and maybe past) +11. As far as we know from tests, items do not break / upgrade attempts do not fail up to +3.


Cost to keep a guild-

Once a guild has been formed you are charged a weekly maintenance cost based on the number of members you have. The more you have the more expensive the upkeep. If you fail to pay the maintenance cost your guild will be disbanded and deleted.

Level 1 guild: 3,000 gold coins.

Level 2 guild: 13,000 gold coins.

Level 3 guild: 25,000 gold coins.

Level 4 guild: 55,000 gold coins.

Level 5 guild: 100,000 gold coins.

To make guild it cost 50,000 coins



How does the PK System work?

Characters level 10 and higher can engage in PK (or PvP). There is a PK Mode that you need to click in order to PK another citizen.

What are the differences between Normal Channels, and War Channels?

War Channels host the Castle Sieges, the Nation Wars, and have penalty-free PK with other Nations.


What are Battlefields?

Battlefields are a PvP instance (event) with multiple modes, such as Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. The team play isn't Nation VS Nation, but within Nations, and seems to be as often as you want it to be.

Teams are up to 24 players, with 48 players total.


Is there a queuing system for Battlefields?

There is a lobby system for setting up battle ground matches.

Besides fame you can get some currency rewards.

Elter Group Battles

What are Elter Group Battles?

Not to be mistaken for Battlefields, Battle Groups are a tournament-style PvP instance where teams of players face off and may gain experience.

Castle Siege

What is the Castle Siege?

The Castle Siege is a weekly event in which 5 Alliances compete to lead the Nation.

4 Alliances are attacking, 1 is defending. The application cost is set at 100,000 gold (subject to change), and your Guild must be level 2 or higher to apply.

The Castle Siege is held in the War Channel.

Nation Wars

How do Nation Wars work?

Information is still sketchy, but we have this so far:

Not 100% sure right now but: I believe there are War channels and normal channels.

If you are on a War channel then almost every single map can have nation war going on. Basically you try to invade an enemy nation (through teleporters) and try to get an artifact (if that map has one). If you get the artifact then you keep it at least 3 hours or until the owning nation wins it back. If you steal the artifact your whole nation gets a buff while you keep it.

An example of one of these nation buffs might be +10% HP & MP.

Click to be directed to the original post.


Is there a penalty for PKing players from other Nations?

While if you PK players from an enemy Nation, you get a reward, PKing players from allied Nations will get you chaos points. So be sure to keep up-to-date on the alliances your Nation has made with other Nations to avoid negative consequences.


Hope this helps I'll try and update frequently. :)




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