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Replacement maybe O.o

jammertk10jammertk10 Member CommonPosts: 88

Hi, I'm an ex-WoW'r, and I've been clean for nine months. I miss the PvE, when you actually had to have a brain. I loved actively thinking and creating new strategies and ways to go at problems. I wanted to know if EVE can in anyway help fill this void... IRL I love challenging things, ways to stretch my brain, and I'd like to see something of the sort applied to games I enjoy. So basically I'm asking will this be.... complex enough.... for me?

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  • imahayheadimahayhead Member UncommonPosts: 33

    oh yeah it will challenge you. the whole game is run by players which means you can do anything and build anything. pvp is one of the most complex things i've found in any mmo. there are probably millions of variations of ships fittings out there and you have to figure out his fittings and how you can beat him. there is fittings, gun range, damage, velocity, transversal velocity, and so much more that you have to consider in a fraction of a second to survive. if you're a pve guy, there are tons of missions and factions that you can join or you could 'farm' things and build anything in the eve universe. the options in this game are endless and can become a second job because its so immersive.

  • MalcanisMalcanis Member UncommonPosts: 3,297

    The PvE in EvE is pretty bad really. Where the game really shines is in the player interaction, which of course will require a LOT more thinking, planning and insight than any PvE ever could.


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  • TheHatterTheHatter Member Posts: 2,547

    Wtf is with that second reply? EVE is a good game, but don't tell someone to get a game they are obviously going to hate.


    No. EVE PVE is absolutely HORRIBLE. Look elsewhere if you're seeking PVE. PVE is only complex if your idea of complex is clicking a few buttons and going to sleep. There is a thriving crowd of PVEers, but that doesn't make the PVE any good.


    WoW is some of the best high end PVE that I've seen yet.... and I've played quite a few games. People will tell you "X Game is better PVE" and "Y Game had the best" but I don't believe it, because I haven't seen it. My suggestion is to wait for SW:TOR, if it's a good game, the PVE is going to be amazing.

  • x_rast_xx_rast_x Member Posts: 745

    I love EvE, but the PvE is the weakest part of the game.  There is some good group content in the form of wormhole exploration but I doubt it would appeal at all to anyone looking for wow-style pve.

    Some people grind missions all day, I don't see how they do it.

  • HYPERI0NHYPERI0N Member Posts: 3,515

    I agree with Hatter the game EvE is good but its PvE still has a way to go.

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  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,163

    Thats why I could never get into Eve because it does not have any kind of PVE. How long can you just keep doing the same thing over and over knowing that there is nonthing out there to discover.

  • AngorimAngorim Member Posts: 466

    The game is a thriving... universe, completely player run and driven.  There are numerous other paths to take that could be considered "PvE" in a rough sense, unless you strictly consider PvE you killing NPCs.  There is a dynamic, player run economy with-in the game that varies upon regions if I recall correctly, which means varying prices and offering trading as a viable option.

    There are other options as well, but I've just recently returned myself and am still learning quite a bit.  I personally enjoy the economy and mining aspects of the game, however if you only enjoy killing NPCs, it may be a tad lacking.  Some people, as mentioned previously, make it their primary focus in the game, but I would go insane if that were my only agenda.  Part of EvE's charm is that I can do just about anything I want and with one character, should I make it so.

  • bayouboybayouboy Member Posts: 4

    People who get bored of the PvE in EvE are probably only running agent missions. Go try Wormhole space. Sleepers are fun, and very challenging. This is the best PvE in EvE right now and I find it very enjoyable. Boring they are not. I am also speaking about Class 5s.

    Even then, the only point to run level 4's is because of how high the rewards are, which is a problem in my opinion. People use this to fund their PvP.

    Could missions be better? Yes. Maybe make level 5s more like sleeper sites and make them worthwhile to run somehow.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,031

    If you're looking for scripted raid content a la WOW raiding, EVE is not that game.

    If you want multiple PVE options that don't involve anything more than standard kill or shuttle quests, then EVE actually is pretty equal to WOW or any game out there.

    Also, if you're an old school grinder there's ratting for ISK and as others have mentioned, Sleepers are more challenging and fun and more closely resemble older game where your group got together and pulled camps of mobs and everyone had to do their job, ie, some tank, some dps and some heal and some crowd control.


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  • Bozo256Bozo256 Member Posts: 74

    EVE PvE is trash. You'll hate it.

    The question you need to answer is: do you like "complex situations" because you're able to step away from the problem and analyze it for a few days before re-approaching it or do you prefer to come up with a solution to your problem in real time?

    If you answer the latter, you could be a PvP junkie and should give EVE a try. Otherwise, stay away.

    You can, of course, do post mortum inspections of your failed fights and mull those over. But I find most people with your stated interests and background dislike that.

  • ChlodwigChlodwig Member Posts: 150

    Well, whether or not it is good, I won't answer that.

    But first of all, forget anything you ever knew about MMOs from playing WoW. It does not translate to EvE. Not at all. There is nothing I could point at and say "that's like X in WoW".

    First, there's no such thing as a PUG. You don't team with random strangers because you don't know what they're up to. Loot is not "rolled" in EvE, anyone in the group has the right to take anything and that's only the nice part of the problem.

    There's no set "roles" in EvE, there's not the tank, the healer, the DD. Ships have different capabilities but there's no such thing as "aggro management" (or rather, only to a very, very limited degree). Ships stay alive by not getting hit or being able to compensate the damage, mostly. Yes, there are logistics ships that excel in repairing and thus essentially have the role of healers, but usually you only see them used in PvP battles (first they're expensive and second in PvE you're usually better off with more firepower) where aggro management doesn't do jack anyway.

    You are dealing with a very, very different game here compared to WoW. You are facing very, very different challenges and problems. Detach yourself from the WoW mindset and ask yourself what you're looking for in this game, formulate it and post it, then we might be able to tell you whether you will enjoy it or not.

    If you expect WoW in space, you will not. I can tell you that by now.

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