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anybody know a good assassin build? XD



  • SimielSimiel Member Posts: 149

  • Dev_NightsDev_Nights Member Posts: 67

    By just saying, "anyone know a good assassin build?" doesn't help us much.  You forget that each play style revolves arround different builds, do you want it for farming? Do you want it for AB? Do you want it for RA? Do you want it for general PVE?

    Unless you give us any guidance on what you want it for, is really the only guidance I can give you.

    You also need to say what elite skills you have capped because that way we can help guide you in the right direction as some elite assassin skills only become available late in game.

  • afmartafmart Member Posts: 28

    i think you should read a assasin guide

    this will help you getting started, try to make your own build, something that feels rigth.

    some times you might have to change your build acording with the foes your going to

    figth, just remember your a dps not a tank, unless your going perma shadow form :D


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