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New Player Seeking Advice

Hey Guys,


I am currently playing the trial for SWG.  And so far, outside of running around Tattooine by myself, it is fun yet confusing.  Not saying that's a bad thing.  It's a new MMO to me and I pretty much expect to be confused at first.  The only things that really seem to annoy is more of the social aspect of my server.  I see maybe 8 people running around Mos Eissley and so I wonder what server has the highest population.  I couldn't really tell you which one I'm on right now.  I think it's something like Shadowclaw.  Anyway, I just had some questions that perhaps the more experienced SWG players could hopefully answer. 

Which server would be the best for starting out on as a new player?  I also noticed that you could either run around the space station you begin on for a bit or just go to Tattooine.  Which would you prefer?  I was also curious about communication/different chat channels.  I think that SWG is fun, even though from what I hear it's not as good as it's original back when it first released.  But I'm just really curious about it.  Thanks


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  • SkillCosbySkillCosby Member Posts: 684

    Starsider or whatever has the largest population. However, prepare to have a good look at the cool "veteran" and old pre-orders rewards that you can never possibly get in-game.

  • OptiqueMarquisOptiqueMarquis Member UncommonPosts: 860



    starsider is the most populated server.


    i would recommend you getting as much xp as you can from the tansarii space station before landing on tatooine.




  • Bob_BlawblawBob_Blawblaw Member Posts: 1,278

    Stay on the station for as long as you can. Not only do you get easy xp, it's a good op to meet players and form alliances from the get-go.

  • NebirothNebiroth Member UncommonPosts: 21


  • EvileEvile Member Posts: 534

     A new player can become just as powerfull as any vet. Besides, most vet rewards are traded on the market.

    To the OP. The server you are on (Shadowbane) is one of the LEAST populated servers to a terrible degree.

    Starsider is the most populated. I would say a bit overpopulated.

    Flurry, Bloodfin, Bria, and Euro's Chimera are all decent solid populations.

    Other servers are quieter (not always a bad thing), but they will be addressing this after the new year. ATM they are too busy with the Galactic War overhaul.

     I also suggest finding a good guild. SWG is a huge sandbox. It is easy to get confused as to all of your options. Experienced players will be glad to help. SWG has a great overall helpfull community.


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