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Now with "cell phone game" feel!

RaesearRaesear Member Posts: 2

My love of zombies and lack of anything better to do made me take this game for a spin. I'll admit, it's a game I've asked for: a browser-based zombie/survival game like Urban Dead, but with actual graphics. When you log into your character you aren't actually in the game, you're just at a "hideout" website. This works rather well with the various locations within the hideout taking you to things like an auction house, message boards, customization station, and so on. You have a radio that you can click at any time to open a small window to a chatroom for the game. I rather like the way they've set this bit up.


Then, you hop into the game. You can select singleplayer or multiplayer (hosted games chosen from a lobby).  You inevitably run around looking for supplies and killing zombies. This part feels like a cell phone game. It's top-down with WASD movement and mouse aiming. Your torso can rotate 360 degrees independantly of your feet which, while not actually affecting gameplay, does lend the game a low-class feel.  You are sluggish even when sprinting, but so are the zombies so that's fine. In my experience as a guy with some knife, if there is more than one zombie, go to the next zone. It didn't feel particularly zombieish to me. Zombies once aggroed would follow you around the area you were in regardless of whether you ducked around a corner or not. Searching things yielded nothing. Searching broken cars would always reward me with the "too bad it's broken" line. I can see it's broken, I want to know what's in it. I just didn't really have any fun, and I really wanted this kind of game.


One thing I really do commend them on: you can be a chef, and you have to eat occasionally. I like that. Survival involves basic needs, not just killing zombies.


Maybe I'll be bored again and give Dead Frontier another shot, but for now I'm giving it a 5 out of 11.


  • scout118scout118 Member Posts: 2

    The whole "I searched a few places and didn't find anything" excuse is rather null. Looting requires you to search alot, there's no guarantee you'll find anything on the first few screens. The amount of zombies you can get going very far out into the city is astounding, it gives you the whole "zombie horde" feeling. Feeling sluggish.....Well, I feel that too, my character moves slow to me. but sprinting helps alot. raising your "agility" stat gives it a nice boost, but even when I had the maximum of 124 agility, I didn't feel that I was moving that fast.


    However, you notice a huge difference in speed you can traverse the city itself when comparing the maximum 124 agility to say, 50. I agree that having to eat really lends towards the survival aspect of the game, the classes are also very interesting, I find. Chef's can cook food to sell to other players or keep to themselves, not to mention the Chef along with all the other "service" classes can sell their services on the "Marketplace", players can use the Chef's cooking skills in exchange for cash. Simply drag the raw food item over the chef's icon and accept. The fee (dictated by the Chef) is subtracted from your inventory and the food is cooked.


    Engineer's can repair armor which is damaged when zombies hit them, (I play an engineer myself) and Doctor's can administer healing items to regain lost health status, the odd part about Dead Frontier's healing system is that the player that wants to receive the healing must buy a healing item (I.E. Bandages, Morphine, Antiseptic Spray), the item needed is dictated by the players level, every ten levels a player needs a higher leveling healing item, lower level healing items begin to heal next to nothing after this. It's awkward since most players simply expect to just pay the player and they are instantly healed. Tbh the whole "healing item" thing was an interesting idea, it gives some more profoundness to the survival aspect and widens the economy.


    The vast majority of food and healing items don't come out of nowhere, the Farmer and Scientist classes produce a random quantity and type (type of item dictated by their level, I.E. a level 41 Scientist will produce Bandages and Morphine) of healing item every 24 hours starting from when the character is created. Same goes for the Farmer, they produce a random quantity and type (type once again dictated by level) every 24 hours. Quantity is totally random, but it's still fairly consistent. I think this helps supplement the economy, considering the amount of food and meds that are chewed up daily, they need to have some infinite supply.


    In all, I think Dead Frontier is quite a good game, I've played for 40 levels and I'm still into it. I admit it does get difficult at some points, and it's quite confusing and hard at the start, but that levels out after a while and it shows it's true potential. Those are my thoughts on it.

  • MikeTheSaintMikeTheSaint Member Posts: 74

    Due to my obsession with all things zombie, I have been playing this game on and off for quite a while now. Didnt expect it to show up on this site though.

    Swotting up a little on the games wiki will help you in the early stages. I think theres a helpful video on YouTube explaining the game basics also.

    The game does get a bit dull, but this is the closest I've got to finding an awesome zombie apocalypse mmorpg. So although I dont play much I 'd hate to lose my character due to inactivity.

    If anyone has found a better zombie game with numbers to chase, please fill me in on it.

  • RawluRawlu Member Posts: 7

     Still in "beta testing" keep in mind.

     I'd LOVE to see a real horror MMO,this is way too old school for me.

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