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My server Argos has been down twice in the last two 3 hours and they don't give a shite what  you spend and lose while they try to learn how to run a server.  Tickets to GMs (which you have to don on the message board) do no good.


  • ULQQKEDULQQKED Member Posts: 28

    I spent Tons a hard earned in game gold on blessing potions, ammo, and food to try to complete a "kill 200" quest.  I was at 178 the first time the server went down and reset the kill count to 0, then I got back to 88 kills and down it goes again, kill reset to 0.   5 hours down the drain and countless ammo, potions, and scrolls.

  • PryettaPryetta Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Atlantica is a really nice game, I've been debating on if I should get back into it. Maybe I be nice.

  • astrob0yastrob0y Member Posts: 702
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    and its quite annoying that the server is down, and I can guess that its even more annyoing if you have spent some money on the game for no good.

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  • ULQQKEDULQQKED Member Posts: 28
    Originally posted by astrob0y

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    and its quite annoying that the server is down, and I can guess that its even more annyoing if you have spent some money on the game for no good.


    Yes I have lost a lot of gold spent on trying to do that quest twice, now I will have to start over again.  It's FTP, but I do spend money on it for Warrior packages and it's about the same as I spend on P2P games so I am not whining about playing for free.

  • ULQQKEDULQQKED Member Posts: 28

    Not to mention the lost 2X exp time, people losing out on the 1hr timer in Santa's Village, and this is PvP day with bets and matches going on.

  • ULQQKEDULQQKED Member Posts: 28

    First 178 kills erased, then the server went down again and erased 89 kills.  Not a word from Ndoors, they can keep their game I am done with it.  4 hours, 3 blessing potions,  300 crafted food, countless crafted arrows, bullets and beast summons.  They will not get a dime from me again. 

    There is GM corruptions in this game, my guild leader knows GM's that give 100% returns on oppening boxes for money.  Guess I shouldn't have expected more from an Asian run MMO.

  • ULQQKEDULQQKED Member Posts: 28

    LOL I check the ticket number I submitted last night about the problem and it "doesn't exist".

  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    I don't blame you to feel like's really annoying that your time achieving your task on that time will just be gone... I saw the announcement in their site yesterday and glad that it's not all the servers has been affected, if you lost something that I know we all deserve if it happens that experience it also, I will file a ticket instead, I know that there's a consideration regarding this issue and you deserve it really.  Have you tried to send a ticket if there's a compensation? Ndoors should compensate the players... so sad that you experienced it.

  • reimarureimaru Member Posts: 228

    sorry to hear about that, yeah it kinda sucks

    maybe it's just not your day, just relax


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