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FFXI worth another try?

MasterchiefMMasterchiefM Member Posts: 99

I played FFX when it first came out (It was one of my first MMO's) and at the time I enjoyed it. But over the years I tried other MMO's and just couldnt get into any of them for a long period of time. A friend of mine told me that FFXI has gotten better so I thought about taking a look at it. But I just wanna know a few things before I take the plunge and buy it.

I was never a heavy PvP'er but when I first played it there was 0 PvP, is there any form of PvP now?

Is the grind still stupidly annoying?

How is end game? Dungeons? Raids?


Thanks in advance


  • kysarykysary Member Posts: 7

    It looks at RPG (console version) does not have much to see with MMO, and yes an Alone game, where it has everything of basic for an 0ff-line player.

    Now FFXI yes this is a MMORPG, cities in definitive places and great areas exist to hunt, and the company of a friend or friend :D.

    Diversions also exist different equipment and areas of different levels it player not to go direct to deepest of the so easy game. family who congregates some players in one alone group the clan. Many legal things exist and satisfactory elements very to continue its day.

    You yourselves it has that to prove and to tan a good MMORPG.

    It ties +.

    Sorry bad inglsh.


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