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Returning, need a server recommendation..

AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650

A friend and myself are returning to FFXI after a long break and need to know which servers are best.

We need a primarily westcoast - mountain time server if possible, high pop. is a priority. I refuse to wait for hours to find a party, level-sync or otherwise. I will take moderate pop, but please be honest and don't just rep your server.

Thanks for the help.


  • IllyrIllyr Member Posts: 25

    Asura is the highest populated server I found when I returned 2 weeks ago, I tried garuda, gilgamesh, and asura. Garuda was around 600-900 people, gilgamesh 1000-1300, and asura 1700-1900 people when I was doing /search all at different hours.

  • AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650

    Very nice, thank you.

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