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Can you say how gaming will be in the next 30, 50 or 100 years?

RoutverRoutver Member Posts: 383

Considering how blocky games were around a decade ago, not to mention online gaming was in its first steps, what do you have to say about how the technological advancement in gaming? Not only graphics of course, but in gameplay.


  • rashherorashhero Member UncommonPosts: 510

    My guess is that after about 100 years, we'll be able to plug up every orifice and just live and work within virtual games. Earn ingame currency which we can use to convert into real world currency to pay our bills, etc...

    Well that's my dream anyway. Literally eat, breath, shit and generally live in a game. If only reality wernt so dull...

  • SioBabbleSioBabble Member Posts: 2,803


    Because there are just too many variables.

    I can tell you one thing, though.

    There will still be people at this site bitching that they don't have full FFA looting PvP.

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  • grandpagamergrandpagamer Member Posts: 2,221

    Star Trek type holodecks will be all the rage. I will be dead but you young whipper snappers have fun :)

  • chesiremorphchesiremorph Member Posts: 128

    Did you know that the game Monopoly is only 74 years old.

    Whatever games we play in 100 years will not be what we consider to be video games today.

    And sure, holodecks sound good, but I hope it will be more of a Matrix type of virtual world myself. 

    Hopefully my head will be stored in a jar like Richard Nixons in Futurama.


  • rashherorashhero Member UncommonPosts: 510
    Originally posted by chesiremorph

    Hopefully my head will be stored in a jar like Richard Nixons in Futurama.


    "No BODY can be elected more than twice but I have a shiny new body!" -Nixon

  • PhallasPhallas Member Posts: 22

    I predict in 5 years we will have photo-realistic Ghraphics in video games .

    Crysis will look like DOOM

    Keyboards and mice, will be no longer, we will have headsets to do things like type or play RTS games

    Gloves for those who enjoy Twitch gaming. The limitations of the mouse will be no longer.


    In 20 Years I think Gaming will be nothing like we thought it would be.

    After all you never know when someone will invent something the will change the way we live.

    Quantam computing for instance , a computer not of circutry and hardware but of viruses and bactiria

    That can store exyobytes of information and make an i7 seem like the CPU used in the atari.

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  • PalebanePalebane Member RarePosts: 3,901

    Theres only two more years until the end of the world. I predict them staying pretty much the same until then =)


    That aside, I could see holodec type games within 50 years. Maybe affordable by the middle class within 100.

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  • MazinMazin Member Posts: 640

    The future is nothing what you think it will be.

    Look at Back to the Future II, we are only 5 years away from the time period that movie was set in and the world will be nothing like that.

    New technology will continue to come out and will then be slightly modernized over time, just look at computers over the past 5 - 10 years has there really been any major innovative games over that time period?  Not really, just sharpened more focused but that curve will steadily decline. 

    You can take this theory a step further and look at two of the biggest MMO's:  UO the granddaddy in '97 and WOW the Daddy in '04.  From UO to WoW (7 years) there were major improvements in computer gaming but 5 years after WoW's release can you say the same strides have been taken?  Not even close, there have been improvements sure but no major leaps.

  • falc0nfalc0n Member UncommonPosts: 385

    No I cannot say, but I can dream. =)

  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Graphics are going to hit a wall at some point, it's impossible to make it look realer than it's getting at, then I have a feeling tastes will retrograde back to games that all don't look the same (over-realistic) and cater on a stylish look with special lighting/shading techniques. I think that they are never likely to deal with lower poly counts, regardless of overall graphic style, but we have yet to see where the 2d realm could be taken. I think Vanillaware is the only one still making modern-quality 2d anymore, sure is a dying art that is a small enough market to revive and conquer.

    As for how we will be playing them; whether the peripherals will retrograde has yet to be seen. The current shift has been showing that we are headed to controller-free play, but who knows how long that will last. Even the wii has proven that people are simply too lazy to play the damn thing as a mainstay, they take too much effort. If anything, the most glorious advancement would have to be the most inhuman. Perhaps jacking in like the matrix so we don't so much as have to move a finger and still play them. IMO, they will find a new controller dynamic that allows players to basically be in a fetal position and still handle adequately, I think how the wii-mote splits the controller to two hands so they can be free to be limp is the next move.

    God bless apathy.

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  • DiSpLiFFDiSpLiFF Member UncommonPosts: 602

     i'm hoping there will be crazy robots in 30 years that can be sex slaves. 


  • kittyvonkitakittyvonkita Member Posts: 75

    What ever happens by then, I'm sure there will still be people complaining about the game, and others will call each other 'noobs'.

    Some people can't appreciate some things and will never grow up. No matter what year. :D

  • vinwieselvinwiesel Member Posts: 114

    I think MMO's will merge with social networking sites.  A lot of people seem to be more into chatting with online friends than actual questing.  A lot of people on Social sites spend all their time playing the flash games.  It makes sense that they would merge, or at least become more connected.

  • AevenathAevenath Member UncommonPosts: 115

    I wouldn't mind playing games via virtual reality ala how .dothack player play the game.

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