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Don't Play This Game

khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

Since the publisher changed it is just a mess.

All hacker and duper who have been banned from the old publisher have been unbanned and are playin the game again.

You will lag like hell. The server for europe is located in Korea so your ms will be by 600+

The game is full of bugs. Even bugs which have been removed months ago are back...


  • SaiaxisSaiaxis Member UncommonPosts: 45

    Actually the hackers and dupers have been re-banned

  • misterdurpmisterdurp Member Posts: 157

     sorry to hear that this game took a plunge.. dont know why GameTribe gave it to GameHi, i kinda liked their effort to combat botters cause yes, just like 2moons, this game suffers from a lot of hackers.

    the best things were the dungeons early on, and those events that started a few times a day (it was all pve until the boss had been killed, it was team based PvP after that, i actually won with my team once.. i was thrilled!) and the item shop was not unbalancing at all, prolly the 'best' item mall ive seen :) the first 30 or so levels are great, but you will grow tired of the grind unless you choose a character who has a lot of AoE skills early on.

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