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Returning To EVE

jonezi92jonezi92 Member Posts: 224

 Hello all im returning to EVE today hopefully and im looking for an active Corp.

I Curretly have two Characters, Main is Amarr, and my alt (miner) is Gallante.


I'm not to sure how many SP points i have hehe but im still new to the game, (played for about 3 months)

I'm Looking for a Corp with Active Vent / Teamspeak since im seriously willing to stick at this game and learn as much as i can, and get my behind kicked, but in turn kick some myself xD

Reasons Im Comming Back  -


I LOVE the whole Economy if you've played EVE before you know what i mean.

I'm Really looking forward to PvP (Though i sucks atm)

I can still Level when im offline which is just awesome im super serial.

The whole Beauty, charmness and tranquility of peace to the whole genre of the envirment really opens the mind and takes alot off your shoulders. (my opinion)

Its a really nice set out game and everything about the gameplay appeals to me, even the likely warp times (just realistic? not sure i've never warped in rl.)

The Freedom to do almost anything, be anything i want to be (a pk'ing a**hole, or a humble player)


I've been looking forward to playing again, and im really going to go the whole length now :)

If there is any advice or tips anyone would please like to share with myself and others please let it be known!

 EDIT: I also forgot to mention my age, i am 18 years of age


Thanks for taking the time to read my Thread.


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