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You close your eyes, and envision your idea character, it is...

nate1980nate1980 Member UncommonPosts: 1,995

Mine is:


Intelligence, Wisdom, Strength, Constitution, and Endurance

His Gear:

On his person, he is decked out in leather armor, w/ moulded plate armor covering his chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, thighs, and shins. He wears leather gloves and boots. He'll wear fur instead of leather in the cold months. He wears a cloak ,with the hood down. In the shadow of the cloak, you can barely make out his features.

He has a longsword strapped to his back, a short sword on his hip, a dagger strapped to his leg, and a bow strung w/ arrows hung across his bag. On his leather belt is a money pouch, usually concealed by his cloak. He also walks around with a staff, that aids in balance on rough terrain, and doubles as a bowstaff.

In his pack, he carries food, water, and a first aid kit made out of herbs.


He has intermediate skill with his swords and bow. He has basic skill w/ the bow.

He is knowledgable of plants, animals & their benefits.

He is knowledgable of people. (psychology, sociology, and politics)

He commands elemental magic (lightning & wind)


His outward appearance is quiet and keeps to himself mostly.

He opens up around those he knows, revealing a depth of character.

Those who know him, know that he's a deep thinker (philosophical), is brutally honest, thirsts for knowledge and truth, has a strong sense of justice, is curious, loves to have fun, thinks happiness is the purpose in life, enjoys the outdoors (the mountains and surrounding terrain in particular [think the Rockies] ), hates sand (it gets everywhere), the ocean, swamps, and thick forests (think SouthEastern USA). 

Those who seek his help know that he's a problem solver, protects the innocent, and is an avenger.


I scribbled this out in a matter of 15min. to sort out my thoughts. After reading it, it's no wonder I have a hard time getting into MMORPG's. There's no depth in character in any of these MMORPG's, and good luck with me finding a class that would have everythign I added above.

What do you all think? 



  • xLosxxSoulxxLosxxSoulx Member Posts: 11

    This probably isn't what you were looking for in the first post, but..... a tank that can dish out some damage. Enough said. lol

  • RallycartRallycart Member UncommonPosts: 717
    Originally posted by xLosxxSoulx

    This probably isn't what you were looking for in the first post, but..... a tank that can dish out some damage. Enough said. lol


    Warriors from WoW can deal good damage, even in tanking spec. In AoC, you have Conq as well. I am sure there are more. Might want to check them out.

  • kb2tvlkb2tvl Member Posts: 42

    I prefer the paladin type char with heal + combat/armor.  Typically you can solo and group... which is not an RP answer..

  • Predator160Predator160 Member Posts: 128

    Any character is he's surrounded by elf corpses.

  • mrroboto40mrroboto40 Member UncommonPosts: 657

    Doppelganger Rogue with Weapon Finesse and Combat Expertise, a Rapier and Masterwork Mithril Breastplate.


  • KhalathwyrKhalathwyr Member Posts: 3,138


    Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Constitution, Wisdom



    He wields an axe in one hand and an longsword in the other. A also carries a bow. He wears studded leather armor, head to toe. He keeps a cloak with a fur lining in his pack for the cold months, but only wears it then. He carries a dagger, but rarely if ever uses it in combat (mostly a utility tool).

    His pack contains his personal belongings, food, water, healing materials


    He is very proficient on how to employ his axe, sword and bow in combat.

    He has above average knowledge of plants and how to employ them in harmful and healing manners.

    He has an understanding of people and their motivations.

    He is skilled in tactics from battlefield to "boardroom".


    He listens intently and measures his words before speaking.

    He is straightforward in debate.

    Those that are close know him to be very reasonable. He's not a prankster or someone always seeking a laugh, but he has no problem enjoying a good joke. He likes the outdoors and is as comfortable in a tent during a rainstorm as he is sitting before a fireplace in a castle.

    He is often sought out for his council.

    Earning his allegiance will take more than most are willing or capable of giving (not in a monetary sense).

    "Many nights, my friend... Many nights I've put a blade to your throat while you were sleeping. Glad I never killed you, Steve. You're alright..."

    Kickstarter 2 / Naysayers 0

  • Swedishkid94Swedishkid94 Member Posts: 3


    Wisdom, Intelligence

    His Gear:

    He wears naught but a straw hat on his head, to block his wrinkled face from the powerful rays.

    He is clad in a basic cloth robe which puts no limitations on his movement.

    He wears leather sandals with straps showing his dedication to a higher being, a "god-like" figure.

    He is armed only with a long, staff, carved out of redwood, common in the nearbye forrests.

    On his back he carries a small leather bag, containing very few things, mainly necessities. It has been through many rough times, and rigorous activities.


    His skills with everyday weapons are limited at best, he obstains from violence when at all possible.

    He is knowledgable of all things relating to life and the biosphere.

    He knows little of social aspects, living most of his life secluded from anyone outside of his people.

    He commands the magics of the gods themselves, but chooses to only use them in urgent cases and for the protection of others.


    His body is that of an elder, yet he moves with the speed of a growing boy.

    He is appears frail, and has few places of prominent muscle.


    He is ignored by most, many see him as a humble beggar.

    He knows that people do not respect him, yet he understands their emotions and does not judge them for their actions.

    He is socially awkward, preffering to distance himself from civilization, cause by his upbringing.

    When approached, he enters a cautious state and focus to maintain calm and read the person's body language to better understand their intent, be they friend or foe.

    Thank you very much for starting this thread, lots of fun!


  • Mifune013Mifune013 Member UncommonPosts: 6

    Attributes (Characteristics):

    High Agility, High Fellowship, Mid Strength, Mid Intelligence, Low/Mid Willpower, Low Toughness.

    His Gear:

    He wears small pieces of armor over his white linen undershirt and a waist coat over this. He has a white doublet covering his armor, a pair of riding trousers tucked into black leather riding boots. He has a pair of leather gloves though the index finger and thumb are cut off from both. He has two leather belts crisscrossing over his chest each holding a holster for a flintlock pistol and one serving as a bandoleer for several throwing daggers. Over all this he wears a long, black riding coat that's often associated with highwaymen in fiction.


    Ballistic Skill







    He has been called a gambler and a thief. He has been a mercenary. And he is always a gentlemen, or so he claims. He doesn't just think he's the best, he knows he's the best. He is always on the lookout for the next big score. However, its not about the money or the fame. Those just help, its about that rush when he finally gets his hands on a pile of gold, or some ancient tome and he'll do anything to succeed. However, those are his good qualities. When the odds are stack too high, though, he's always the first to run and perhaps the first to back stab his friends just to save his hide.

    (BTW: This character is based on the Warhammer Fantasy Third Edition.)

  • MidareMidare Member Posts: 46

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Attributes:  Intelligence, Wisdom, Agility, Luck, Willpower

    Appearance: Pale hair, worn long. Yellow eyes, medium height, medium skin tone... rather androgynous.

    Gear: Unisex hanfu-style robe, this inner robe is undyed and tucked into loose pants which are themselves tucked into knee high leather boots. Over the first robe is a heavier cloth outer vest, in a darker colour... say brown or grey, which has some subtle embroidery. Outer clothing tied shut with a sash. Armed with a pair of steel fans.

    Skills: Herbalism/Botany (agricultural professions), melee fights using above mentioned steel fans, support healer using elemental magic of water/wood/holy.

    Personality: Seems absent minded and naive, although will occationally spout seemingly uncharacteristic insights. Quiet but not aloof. A follower who displays high levels of loyalty. More of a passifist than an instigator. Reacts in a horrified manner if hit on by men, but seems unaware that some of his clothing choices are viewed as "girly".


    Man, now I rather miss playing him... I played the character in an MMO yeas ago. Having him spazz out on poor boys who hit on him - well, actually proposed MARRIAGE to him - (they had to have been young to propose to strangers in the street) so they'd run away was one of the most amusing things I had happen in any game. No game has ever topped those moments of interaction. The game was a simple sprite graphic game, so my long haired dude being in a robe combined with a fan made it look like he was in a dress. 

    Since proposals made a big ass engagement ring appear between you and your target, everyone in the area knew I'd been proposed to... so the poor kids could never even deny it. They just ran away in shame as their buddies heckled them.


  • ChealarChealar Member Posts: 268

    Dexterity/Agility, Intelligence, Sleight-of-Hand, Quick Reflexes

    She is a petite thief. She mostly carries light stuff that won't hinder her as she climbs or runs: daggers hidden in her sleeves and boots which have no hilt or guard and can be thrown. A couple thin, piano-like threads. Some horn "claws", actully just shapr points glued t her fingernails for added prehension while climbing and easy damages when unable to get her weapons out.

    Black-silk. fitting clothes as a basis; then some leather boots to be as silent as possible, leather arm protections, and a bringandine.

    She generally travels with only a thin scrip, a tambourine, with some oil and a small lantern, matches, lockpicking gears, a thin but sturdy rope, and a water flask. In a vest pocket is a little gold.

    Very skilled in sleight-of-hand, hand-to-hand combat, and knives throwing; when arriving on a new town, she generally takes the times to do some surveillance while earning some coins by doing tumbling, prestidigitation and the likes. She still has come issued climbing, due to a fear of heights.

    Though she is not really talented, she can sing, dance and play a little tambourine.


    A party girl at heart, though she has not survived this long in this life without honing her survival skills. In a way, uses stealing more as a past=time and boredon-breaker than to live.

    She just likes the roguish life, feels more like an Ars


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