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what DC timeline or alternate universe ?

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

I posted this info in the news section  commentary for Nightwing


but wanted to post the information here too - because its easier to find historically  ;)


from Aug 27,2009 DCUO unlimited news

At launch our game focuses on the rich DC stories and locations on Earth. From there we will push out into the solar system, galaxy, universe and all the other layers of awesomeness that make up the 52.

Our story will set up why your hero or villain has come to be, what your place is among these legendary characters, and all of the rich history in DC’s 70+ years of story telling.

The game sets up an "ideal" version of the DCU for your character to make their mark in.

This means we pick and choose what the status of certain characters is that we think will make the most sense to new comers, make the existing fans happy and allow for the best possible stories to be told.


For example…Bruce Wayne is Batman in our game even though he is "dead" in the books and Aquaman is a sea king who talks to fish rather than a Black Lantern etc….




  • Leatherneck1Leatherneck1 Member Posts: 3

    Kinda disappointing really.

    Though it might be a nightmare, I think being able to play alongside company-wide storylines would be awesome.

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