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About eve

OrigigiNomadOrigigiNomad Member Posts: 91

I saw some screenshots from this game and all I've seen are ships 'n' space. Is this everything or do you actually get a chance to see your character in the game? And can you hunt with your character, lvl it and stuff like that?



  • AngryHippieAngryHippie Member Posts: 214

    You are your ship, and you only have a portrait of your character. The ability to move around with a character is something I wish was possible in this game, but it's unique in many other ways.

    Btw you can hunt both npcs and players, the lvling is time based, you can do it offline.

  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    you never get out of your ship in eve.  dont know why youd want to, to much to do in space. 

    Today i hunted pirate drone battleships for cash and loot, mined diluted clear icicle with several corporation members, refined it and hauled it to our player owned structure to make sure it would stay online for a while longer. Then i jumped a bunch of systems, crossed a player pirate blockade to buy some needed items and returned home without dying, no easy feat sometimes..  I used 4 ships, a fast moving missile frigate, a slow lumbering industrial hauler, a large mining barge, and a combat rigged battleship.  Each ship can fit a huge combination of items, almost all of which are produced by players.  The ships,  equipment and the materials and tools to build them are what compose the player based economy which is incredibly complex.  5000 solar systems make up the universe eve finds itself in, some close to the center are safe for new players to do their thing in relative safety. Out in the fringes there are no rules, and anything goes.  Each solar system can have varying numbers of planets and their moons, asteroid belts, jump gates and stations, thus making an almost unimaginable amount of space within which to carve out your existence. 

    All eve players play on the same server, so the economy and politics effect everyone, allowing for content to be almost entirely player driven.  There are agent missions to be run for npc factions and corporations, these missions are an essential part of the game as they introduce materials, attribute implants and blue prints to the market.  Many people form together into corporations and then these corporations in term can form into alliances.  Much of the combat i am in is alliance based, if not between alliances then with alliance members against pirates and other degenerate rogues.  Some people pvp all the time and some nearly never, if they can help it.

    So with all that i dont think there is much need to get out of your ship. 



  • AlkatrazAlkatraz Member Posts: 119

    Originally posted by Zipeh

    you never get out of your ship in eve.  dont know why youd want to, to much to do in space.   

    This is the part where Zipeh is wrong.....people get out of their ships every day.....first they come out in a pod - when their ship is blown up - then people get to experience the true wonders of drifting naked in space, then they can get a free tour arround the galaxy in our cargo bays image
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