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Boxes and Packages that come and go~

As of December 1st, 2009 at 12:00am PST the Atlas Ore with the Box of Good Fortune, the Mount Collection Box, and the Pilgrim's Bounty Package will already be discontinued in our item mall.

What do you think NDoors has in store for us this coming 2010? Would there be new mounts to replace the exalted ones? Will there be new packages to help boost your character’s strength?

If you heard some rumors and some official news let’s discuss about it! :D



  • reimarureimaru Member Posts: 228

    darn that's kinda sux

    and i was planning to buy some for the holidays


  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    I didn't have the chance to buy the rd's boc. waaaaaa

    I was supposed to save some xmas money but it was already taken out.

  • uhjpaeuhjpae Member Posts: 165

    What's rd's boc? Is that a new box? Anyway, I hope they put something new and better to replace the items that they removed.


  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    sorry for the typo.. Dun worry, I've already replaced my keyboard. just to correct myself, it as supposed to be URD"S BOX.



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