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calling Winona Ryder to testify on alienation caused by WoW...too funny

Saw this earlier today...gave me a good chuckle.

From the article:

World of Warcraft target of latest suit from PSN plaintiff

San Jose man adds Activision Blizzard to growing list of courtroom opponents, takes issue with MMOG fees, alleges ill effects on mental health, seeks $1 million...He is also calling Winona Ryder to testify, saying the actress' appreciation for Catcher in the Rye will make her a relevant witness "to how alienation in the book can tie to alienation in real live [sic]/video games such as World of Warcraft."


  • nAAtimusnAAtimus Member Posts: 342

    I've seen this posted somewhere... can't remember though.

    Oh well, some people these days...

    I'm not here to complete my forum PVP dailies.

  • TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423

    That's hilarious. 

  • Frostbite05Frostbite05 Member Posts: 1,880

    I feel so bad for the judge who has to deal with this. He/she knows this is gonna end badly for this guy but can't stop it till the end.

  • PersephassaPersephassa Member Posts: 223

    Sounds like he had a mental breakdown over how pathetic his life is. He belongs in a mental institute.

  • NicroxNicrox Member Posts: 140

    To a degree gaming is an addiction you always hear the remarks like (EQ2 crack) but at the same time players had too take responsibility for there own lives. If a person knownly understood that a game was causing them undue problems that person has a responsibilty not too play the game.


    What he is doing will make gamers look bad and will not bode well.

  • sarbonnsarbonn Member UncommonPosts: 119

    Well, the sad thing is that I think he's right when it comes to having mental health problems, although I'm not sure that was caused by WoW or Winona Ryder.

    And I love that picture with Bert and Ernie (never remember which one is which).

  • RobsolfRobsolf Member RarePosts: 4,597

    I wonder if it's that "Leave Britney Alone!!!" guy...

    I hope Wynona steals his PC...


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