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Changes in service


Last December 1, 2009, our new community coordinator introduced himself in our main forums. His name is Eric Han and his forum name is “[CC] Lawllipops”.


What is the role of a community coordinator? A community coordinator opens the line of communication between the community and Game Operations team, Development team, and management in efforts to increase visibility, but more importantly, to develop direct relationships and interactions with our players.

His goal is to establish a knowledgeable community that helps each other in answering questions, as well as supporting one another in their growth in Atlantica Online.

So if you have any questions that are needed to be answered or suggestions that can help improve the game you can drop by our Community Corner in the forums and you can ask Eric Han yourself! ^_^

This link will automatically direct you to Atlantica Online Forum’s Community Corner.

This link is for the Announcement.



  • haelikothhaelikoth Member Posts: 116

    nice to see they're finally opening lines of communication. guess its time i posted my game suggestions ^^


  • icaughtfireicaughtfire Member Posts: 109

    I've been monitoring the Community Corner ever since our [CC] was introduced. I am very happy that there are a lot of improvements already. Our [CC] is actually interacting with other users and also makes different kinds of POLL in which a user can suggest his insights about the topic.

  • reimarureimaru Member Posts: 228 far he's been very active, a good sign for players

    and a very catchy name lol


  • haelikothhaelikoth Member Posts: 116

    ive started posting in the subforum and id suggest anyone who likes the game enough to also participate. kinda annoying tho how some people still troll even in the CC subforum ><


  • icaughtfireicaughtfire Member Posts: 109

    All I can why people cannot have what they want is that because they don't have discipline and patience. If they both have those they can easily understand how hard it is to moderate a game. /sigh

  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    ^ well for some, they think it's creative critism and just for making AO a better game. but of course... some suggestions tend to become QQ. specially with the AO main forumers... a very very harsh environment.

  • MuwingMuwing Member Posts: 14

    It's obviously a good thing that Ndoors USA increases the communication with their customers, it was pretty chaotic until today.

    However, I'm quite sceptical about the "suggestion" threads/polls and players' expectations. Less than one hundred players are voting, while a poll on the mainpage gets more than 6000 voices.

    By the way, the AO USA community only represents a very small part of the global (worldwide) Atlantica playerbase (Atlantica Online is developed in Korea, has 7 localizations, soon 9), and not the most active one (check the Korean, Thai and Japanese networks, you'll see the difference!).

    That doesn't mean all this work is worthless and useless but people must relativize their importance.

    Dialogs might be more focused on the western/USA specificities, as the item mall., Atlantica Online fansite.

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