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Playing Catch-Up? A Few Questions

DoktorTeufelDoktorTeufel Member UncommonPosts: 413

I'm thinking of playing EQ for the first time. I skipped over UO and EQ when they were first released; I was playing MUDs at that time, and then the first graphical MMORPGs I played were AO in 2001 and FFXI in 2003. So the earliest (popular) graphical MMORPGs slipped through the cracks for me.

However, due to a few comments I've read in this forum, I'm starting to have reservations about trying EQ. To keep this simple, I'll make a list:

1.) Due to the age of the game, will I have a difficult time finding groups to level with as a brand-new player?

2.) If I can't find groups to level with, how long and painful will the solo grinding be getting from levels 1-8X? (Group grinding is one thing, but grinding alone for hundreds of hours is beyond the pale.)

3.) I've heard that there are "51/50" servers, that (I assume) start you at level 50 or so. Are these servers actually populated and good to play on? And is it possible to get groups on these servers, or will there be long solo grinding in store?


I've already downloaded the Escape to Norrath trial, so I have some idea of the game's graphics, UI, and how it plays out of the box. No problem there, it's whether I'll be able to find people I can actually play the game with (without having to grind for several thousands of hours, alone, to catch up) that concerns me.

Thanks for your attention.

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  • SamatmanSamatman Member UncommonPosts: 123

    There are definitely issues getting groups at the lower levels.  Since you will be buying the full game (the entire game -all expansions- are included if you simply purchase the Underfoot package) you will have access to mercenaries which make any class able to (solo) level quite effectively.  Leveling speed now is such that it wouldn't take you long at all to make your way into the upper levels.

    The Mayong 51/50 server seems to be much more populated than other servers however you do entirely miss out on the level 1-50 experience and all that you would have learned from it. 

    The EQ world is simply huge and this also works to spread people out at the lower levels.  Still, in my opinion, you can find groups and make friends if you are proactive.  The price of entry to try it all out is so tiny that there's really no reason to not give it a try.  It will take you a couple days to get accustomed to the graphics and controls (find the keymappings and change them until you are comfortable).  You will need to be aggressive and ask questions to find your way around.  In general, the people that play EQ are shockingly eager to help new and returning people.


    Good luck!

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