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Who is the Atlantica World Champion?

Who is RobinSwan? Does anybody know him? Well RobinSwan is our Atlantica World Champion. RobinSwan is a player from Sikyon. He is only level 115 but he grabbed the title of Atlantica World Champion in the 2009 Game and Game World Championship (GNGWC) last November.

I only know a few about RobinSwan, I only know is that he is from Sikyon, Level 115 and the Atlantica World Champion.

What can you say about our World Champion? If you have any video clips about the match can you post the link?

My resource:


  • haelikothhaelikoth Member Posts: 116

    wonder what build he used. anyway, yeah, congratulations to the winner ^^


  • icaughtfireicaughtfire Member Posts: 109

    Yes and a thank you as well! Because of him there is an all server-wide 200% experience increase every weekend because of him! (Standard weekend exp mod is 150%)

  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    really? Never checked the bonus exp denomination. waaaa. and I missed one whole weekend to play >.<

    Till when is the 200%? Is it for all dec weekends?

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