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---===The Black Empire is Now Recruiting===---

bluchewbluchew Member UncommonPosts: 53

|--------BLACK EMPIRE--------|

is currently seeking new members to join it's ranks.



Visit us on our public channel: TTBBE Embassy

We are a growing Anti-Pirate PVP/Industry Corporation / Alliance.

We HQ in the Bei system, at Freedom Extention Retail Center, next door to a large number of active low-sec systems.

Our membership consists of both new and veteran players alike.

New players are welcome, and will not have to worry about ISK.

We are miner friendly, and will help you get into a Barge! We run regular ops.

Access to Level 4 mission running.

We are currently working on getting our first POS up and running!

Ranks mean something, and are constantly re-evaluated! Active rank turnover means new members have plenty of chances to move up in our organization. Friendship does not imply rank.

Our mother organization, The Black Empire, is one of the largest and most active pre-launch SW:TOR guilds in existence.



Organization Structure

Military Units:

Imperial Navy, Commanded by Admiral Jerod Fel

War Cabinet, Commanded by Admiral Vacant

War Cabinet, Intel Unit Commanded by Captain Vacant

War Cabinet, Diplomatic Unit Commanded by Captain Decept0r

War Cabinet, Special Forces Unit Commanded by Captain Vacant

Business Units:

Engineering (mining, mfg, research), Administrated by acting VP Jerod Fel

Business Development, Administration currently vacant.


Unit Descriptions

Military Units:

The Imperial Navy represents the power and security of The Black Empire. They are, first and foremost, responsible for executing war-time operations, ensuring the security of corp assets, conducting regular training ops, and overseeing the day-to-day combat oriented business of the Corporation.

The War Cabinet is a smaller unit of players more interested in conducting covert operations and engaging in the subterfuge that has made EVE so famous. It's members are assigned both overt and covert roles on a case by case basis.

Business Units:

The Engineering unit is responsible for developing our Science and Industry capabilities. This includes conducting Mining Operations, Researching Blueprints, Running Manufacturing Jobs, Logistics, and selling products to build up financial assets. They are also responsible for helping with maintaining and managing Player-Owned-Stations the Corporation runs.

The Business Development unit is responsible for developing Corporate business strategies and techniques of generating revenue for the Corporation. They concoct business plans, play the market, manage corporate finances, and help with the difficult task of steering us through the muddy waters of the future.





VP's (2)

Staff Members




Warrant Officer


Recruit - 1 week Probationary Rank.


The Black Empire looks to recruit mature, dedicated and loyal members who are looking for a community that will be around for years. For more information, visit us on the web, and fill out an application on our forums!

Note: Forum accounts are manually activated for security reasons.


CEO Ativan Loko




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