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Free Mac Mini in a few easy steps

ForEonsForEons Member Posts: 1

I know that people have seen the free junk online schemes and most are impossible/annoying to complete. This one is VERY EASY. The hardest part is finding the other people who will join in with you. I have done this before for an ipod and actually recieved one. All you have to do is click this link Once you do that you sign up for a promotion (does require credit or debit card.) There is a loophole though, if you sign up for efax or blockbuster online immediately cancel your account without doing anything else (mainly putting things on your queue) and they will not even charge you for signing up. All you have to do after that is refer ten people (you will get a link similar to the one above) to the site and have them successfully sign up and you will receive a Mac Mini in the mail. The reason this works is because the website looks for the cookie on your computer, so as long as you signed up it wont see that you deactivated your account. Just make sure your cookies are activated and make sure your referies have theirs activated and you will have a Mac Mini in no time.


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