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Blizzard didnt loose china.

Lets get it straight already, i know its porpular for wow haters to say that wow lost 5 mio players, but thats just not true. First a part of the goverment said the game was illegal and the savers had to be closed, but then another part of the goverment steped up and said it was fine, so atm the realms are up.

Even IF they did close, would they just turn to tiwan severs. Let me remind you all of, that last month blizzard annouced thet the number of subs where increasing.

So from now on, dont you dare say blizzard lost china.

Regards Amstrup.


  • doobsterdoobster Member Posts: 736

     Thanks for clearing the air...

  • banecrowbanecrow Member UncommonPosts: 93

    Obvious Troll.

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    True, they have not lost anything yet.  There was already an article on this on massively.com not so long ago.


  • tro44_1tro44_1 Member Posts: 1,819

    Hey OP you are a Troll.

    WoW Sucks Ars!!!! WOW IS FOR KIDDIES!!!!!

    Am I cool as Denzel Washington yet?

  • SignusMSignusM Member Posts: 2,225

    Blizzard cooks the books and spins the truth, plain and simple. Not a single word when it lost its 8 million Chinese subs for like, 4-5 months, but now they promise subs are on the up. Besides, its not even fully back now, only partially.  

  • AmstrupAmstrup Member Posts: 63

    They played on taiwan realms doing those 4 months.

  • stuxstux Member Posts: 462

    If China ever comes to collect all the blank check they have written us not even Blizzard and Bill Gates will have the money to Bail-Out the US government.

    I think I recall seeing some news program where they were saying the US citizens borrow too much money.  Well they are just following the leaders...

    If China wants to shut down WoW servers you would be a fool to think they don't have the leverage to.

    But who knows what they want to do.....

    Hopefully wow has enough addicts over there to start collecting some money to pay them back .

  • dstar.dstar. Member Posts: 474

    The Chinese players can easily move on over to the Taiwan servers, as they have before.  People are fans of Blizzard and Blizzard games they'll figure out a way to play it.

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