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MMORPG Concept

Okay, I am currently working on an MMORPG concept for a game that I may or may not make. I'm kinda at a loss. So, I'm asking the forum on a site especially made for MMORPG's. What would you like to see in an MMORPG? Now, you're probably going to ask what I'm talking about when I refer to MMORPG: servers or character creation or whatever. I want to know about every aspect you would like to see in an MMORPG. If you'd like to see extremely open character creation much like City of Heroes/Villains has or like Star Trek Online has, tell me. If you want a single server MMO like EVE Online, tell me that. Whatever you think would make for a good MMO, just post a reply. Please, it would help me a lot towards finishing the MMO concept.


  • Quasar451Quasar451 Member Posts: 18

    Anything that anybody says in response to this thread will have lots of other people that disagree, as we all want different things from an MMORPG, but one thing I would like to specifically see is the ability to create and build a character that feels special.

    By special I don't mean "better than everyone else" or the most powerful or even particularly good, but it's been a long time since I've been able to make a character, appearance and skillset, that has been clearly "mine". Every game I pick up, when I think I've found my specialty and my unique place in the world, I see another character that looks just like me run by, and cast a spell that looks better than the spells I can cast, or does more damage. Or both.

    Whatever you do, if you can find a way to make everyone "special" without offering some kind of horrible overpowered bonus or a century-long grind to immortality, that will be a winner with most.

  • DewmDewm Member UncommonPosts: 1,337

    I want usless magic. look up my post if you don't understand.

    Please check out my channel. I do gaming reviews, gaming related reviews & lets plays. Thanks!

  • Electro057Electro057 Member UncommonPosts: 683

    See my post:

    For all the things I want, almost every reply I made was something no mmo has that I want

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  • xxdemonxxxxdemonxx Member Posts: 4

     Well, that is different for everyone I guess.

    However, in my opinion:

    You should make it so that we can all create an unique character, very advanced character creation. Maybe even able to put your own 3d modelled head on it (This is possibile by mordern technology), But that wont be easy to make. But you would have a big winner as MMORPG. That is for character creation. Make it advanced. and big. and good. Also for careers, build our own career maybe.

    The world itself, should be big, Cities should be interactive, and for example: have lots for sale where people can put their own special stuff, like their own house! But dont make it so that you have to go through a portal where you will find numerous copies of the same map with peoples housing, no. Put it in the same map (Think about WoWs events. Event ID 20 starts the fair building, which can be enabled/disabled on the fly at any given time, and then event ID 21 will complete it.). I know this is very well possible by simply generating a new ID and injecting it in SQL databases for example. No server restart would be required.

    As for the world, well I guess we would be stuck with the plain old monsters walking over areas, flying over areas, whichever. Maybe even make multiple nations that war against eachother in open PVP without limits. Public transporation, Private Transportations, Players can start their own companies, but dont make it like Second World. Make like a mix of the standard MMPORPG, Real Life, and Second Life, e.g. One player could have a smelting factory, another could have a mining facility, or a lumber mill, or farm.

    I;d love to colabarate with you on this, I got many ideas, I just dont have the equipment, money and skills to make a product out of it haha.



  • PunisherXPunisherX Member Posts: 231

    The great thing with me is that I usually can't decide between two things. What's better than what, who's better than who, whatever else. Me. I try to find a nice merge between two opposite ideas. I notice that a lot of you want amazing Character Creation . This is something that I can agree with. I don't like WoW's character creation because I always end up making the same exact character look, different class. A game like City of Heroes or the up and coming Star Trek Online have character creation much like what I would put in my game. I liked the idea of using images of the person's face and use it to make the face for your character, much like an old The Sims: Double Deluxe Edition came with. For those who wouldn't be able to do that, I would have 50 different faces to choose from for both genders and all races. I would also like to make it so that you can be whatever race you want to be for whichever faction you choose. My other problem with WoW was that I hated the look and style of all the Horde characters, and I always wished that I could play a Human or a Dwarf on the Horde side. I also think that it would help with the 'feeling special' that Quasar451 was talking about. In Star Trek Online, they are bringing out something in character creation that really hasn't been done by any other MMO that had set races that you could choose from. They are making it so that you can create a custom race. I would add that into my game if I were able to.

    Any other ideas? Again, I want to hear all your ideas for everything that an MMORPG encompasses.

  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Member EpicPosts: 3,223

    MMO concepts:
    - Spell builder profession (look at my post on skills in developer's corner)
    - Quest builder
    - one big world and server
    - EVE like skill progression
    - Customization options like SWG (housing, crafting, etc)
    - Smooth running like WoW
    - Graphics like L2
    - Castles like L2
    - flying mounts
    - A robust economy better than EVE (if possible)

    Basically the features i like in each game and put it all in one.


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  • Cephus404Cephus404 Member CommonPosts: 3,675

    I'd like to see a hard-core science fiction MMO that doesn't even have the slightest hint of magic or anything that even remotely resembles magic.  I want a multi-leveled universe, one that gives the ground-pounding of Anarchy Online, an atmospheric element where you can fly fighters or play on floating cities and a space-based element sort of like EvE.  As much as possible, I'd like a non-instanced world except for areas where either popular gear, leveling items or armor are found, those ought to be instanced to stop high-level characters from camping them and stopping everyone else from getting them.  I'd like to see as close to a sandbox as possible, I don't want to see a well-defined path of progression where everyone goes to dungeon A, then moves to dungeon B, then heads off down the line.  I want choices.  If I play 5 different characters, I want to be able to take 5 different paths.  I don't want to go here to get this, there to get that, one set of supreme uber-gear that everyone gets so that everyone of a particular class looks and acts the same.  In fact, ditch classes altogether, I'd prefer a purely skill-based game where the typical 'tank' and 'healer' classes just don't exist.  Anyone can, depending on how they spend their points, tank or heal or whatever.

    I'd like to see a ton of content, but not just content, but wildly diverse content.  I don't want to spend all my time going on nearly identical missions and quests, if you have to have grinding, I want it to be seamless, I want it to feel like you're always doing something new and different so that you never get bored.  I don't want to be progressing solely to get to the endgame, I want the journey to be the game and the endgame to be an afterthought.

    I want an excellent community, one that isn't set up to screw everyone else over trying to make a buck or sitting around selling buffs to the highest bidder.  I want a game that has a balance between solo and team play, but where no one has to ever solo if they don't want and no one has to ever team if they don't want, you can do what you want and still progress, although perhaps at different rates.

    It needs to have a staff that's actually responsive and listens to petitions in a timely manner and actually fixes things that go wrong.  The customer ought to always be right and disputes need to be handled in a fair, honest and aboveboard manner. 

    Yes, I know, I'll never see that game, but you asked what I wanted. :)

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  • hausthaust Member Posts: 26

    A game similar to Wurm Online where the beginning of the server is an island filled with trees and it's up to the players to forge ahead and create civilization. A game like this except... sci fi. Imagine a team of explorers or colonizers just arrived on a planet thousands of light years away and now they must create their civilization. Build villages, mines, crops, cities, space ports. Build spaceships, weapons, armor... absolutely everything.

  • PunisherXPunisherX Member Posts: 231

    Personally, for me. In WoW, I always liked the idea of attacking the opposite faction's major cities. And I'd always wish that I could get a big group together, have a chat for just us, and go raid the opponent's city, but not have to leave. I always liked the idea that I could control the city until defeated by any enemies that were passing by or by NPC's that were able to fend the raiders off.

  • UknownAspectUknownAspect Member Posts: 277

    To me the most important part of an MMO is the character.  But it doesn't stop at character creation and gear.  Yes, it's important that those 2 features are very important.  But the thing that I would really like to see is very apparent character development. 

    Leveling isn't even necessary, I want to see my character grow and develop.  But to put the player in control of that development I think is great.  Having a free for all skill system isn't necessary, just having different trees a certain class can develop into is enough.  But visually I want my character to grow, perhaps as my sword skill goes up, my character will start holding his sword better or have more finesse with the animations.  WARs trophy system was good, but not good enough, free cosmetic items with the ability to arrange them is a great adition. 

    Story is also very important and goes along with great character development, decision making is important too.  Whatever really makes me form a bond with my character, feel for him, relish in his victories and cry at the failures.  Make it as personal as possible, so I'm different from everybody else, not necessarily more powerful, but because I am me.

    I've always thought of a game with a good and evil faction, and as you gain reputation with the faction, using reputation points to purchase cosmetic improvements like horns, a forked tail, or glowing eyes, etc, etc.  Player designed insignias or tatoos with increasing detail as you progress.

    It should be both a visual change as well as the usual character advancement of skills and/or levels.

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  • tupodawg999tupodawg999 Member UncommonPosts: 724

    There's a lot of different types of people and therefore lots of different niche games that would suit them but my game concept would be for the ultra-casual niche. Where ultra-casual is nothing to do with how much time a person plays but how little they cared about getting to max level i.e a game for altoholics, crafters, chatters, socializers etc. The key elements would be replayability, variety and working to create an atmospshere where you felt there was no rush.

    Some of the features would be:

    Multiple races in multiple starter towns with 3/4 unique (ish) classes per race. The classes would be a warrior type, a healer type, a caster type and a special for each race or at least along those lines with a few exceptions. There'd be at least 6 races but preferably something like 12 with the races copied from various games. This is for variety and replayabilty.

    The main levelling mechanism would be mob-grinding in big, open dungeons designed for 30-40 players at once. The reason for this is large open dungeons with lots of players and mobs designed to react dramatically to player actions is basically dynamic content. Only realised it today but that's basically why zones like Crushbone in EQ1 were so good and almost infinitely replayable. The large number of players made it as close to mass PvP as PvE can get - totally dynamic, never knowing what was going to happen next. (Also why the less popular dungeons are far less memorable - it needs lots of players in the dungeon to make them chaotic).

    There'd still be lots of solo quests for variety but a lot of the quests would be race/class/faction/craft skill specific e.g the 3/4 classes for a race might have 5-6 newbie quests each class that got them 20% of the exp to get to level 10 rather than 24 quests that all the classes did which gave them 100% of the XP to get to 10. This would be for replayability.

    Crafting would be very complex and interesting for people who liked crafting.

    Once you had a levelling pattern established that was fairly slow and liesurely and players weren't obsessively following their quest tracker everywhere I'd then like to add further "things to do" for variety that didn't involve levelling e.g getting a wagon and trading between cities like in a space trader game or instead of arenas there's a kind of travelling tournament with jousts etc.

    The main thing though would be that there was no endgame and it was advertised as such. When a new player logged on it would say in big letters on all the splash screens - no endgame, the game ends at level 50 etc. Basically to make it so the only people who'd be attracted to the game would be the types that might enjoy a game like this.

    I'm sure there's enough altoholic players for a niche game like this.

  • dirtyjoe78dirtyjoe78 Member Posts: 400

    Had an idea for a feature the pvp system from lineage 2 with languages added so you can communicate in "common" with all races but your race speaks its own language that others can not learn.  or possibly RvRvR i want options not just one side vs another like all RvR pvp systems seem to be for some reason i am really liking the languages idea having your races language so you can communicate with those of your race without others knowing what you are saying.  Would be pretty sweet for battles and shouting orders or enemy positions ect.  I suppose the same thing is accommplished with raid chats or party chat, guild chat ect but if it was RvRvR... i think it would help with immersion.  dunno just my $0.02

  • MoretrinketsMoretrinkets Member Posts: 730

    Spore MMORPG!! You can even drop the RPG. Any of those would do!

  • tolanritolanri Member Posts: 1

    For me important factor of any MMO game is battle system. I am bored of classic fighting like WoW, I wish there was something like Devil May Cry MMO.

    Next, I would like to see more authentic NPC-Player interaction. So far there are spawned NPCs around the world, some of them may have waypoint, but it still looks cheap. If you played GTA IV game you may remember mission where you had to get to meeting at certain time. NPC should not be always reachable, make use of mailing system as a way to communicate with NPCs! Arrange a meeting should quest require direct contact with NPC (like delivery of something). If you don't make it to arranged place on time, you must arrange meeting again. It may sound too hardcore and I don't mean it should be like that for all quests, maybe every now and then some quests like these definitely help make the world look more authentic.

    There are plenty options to make game more fun, it just takes time and lot of resources to create truly innovative MMO. Good luck!

  • GundamAceGundamAce Member Posts: 91

    1. Skill Based – I’ve never been a fan of the Class System. Personally I like to mix and match my skills and abilities to try and create something new and different. These types of games are harder to balance, of course, but more interesting to play because if they’re done correctly you encounter so many different types of character.

    2. Rapid Progression – This may sound odd to some people, but the part I hate about nearly every MMO is how much time I have to spend working, grinding, or doing silly quests before my stats are good enough to participate in the parts of the game I like. I envision a system where you reach your highest “level” of power very quickly but as you continue to play the game you can unlock more options which you can use by surrendering some of your older skills.

    3. Game Control – Personally I like the third person perspective for an RPG, but I prefer the FPS game play style. A control style similar to Mass Effect but with a better system for selecting and using “special powers” would be great.

    4. Crafting – I want a crafting system that allows me to mix and match various pieces, parts, and colors to create a wide variety of appearances in clothes, armor, weapons, structures, furniture, ships, and siege equipment. I’d also like to keep all the various types of equipment viable throughout the duration of the game. Light armor should be as good or better for some character builds as heavy armor, meaning that there is always a market even for the earlier items in the construction tree.

    Speaking of which, I’d prefer to see a situation where the lower levels of one crafting skill tree exclusively produce components needed in the higher end recipes of a different crafting skill tree. This way the low level crafter has a market for at least some of the items he is able to produce.

    5. Gathering – I never really liked gathering. I do, however, like exploring and finding new gathering nodes. I’d like to reserve individual player gathering strictly for rare, high end resources and use an automatic gathering system for more generic crafting materials. Personally I loved the gathering system they had in SWG. Being able to track a resource across the map and then plop down a machine that would do the gathering for me was great. While I don’t want to replicate this system entirely, I think that getting wood would be more interesting if it involved building a lumber mill and finding NPC’s to staff it rather than having to go from tree to tree with an axe myself.

    6. Buying/Selling – I like localized markets and want to see more of them in a game. Auction houses and vendors that sell player goods are great, but being able to turn a profit from buying low in one region, transporting goods across a dangerous map, then selling high in another region should be a viable play style. This type of trade play only works, however if you have a local banking and selling system. The closest thing I can point to that uses a system like this would be EVE.

    7. City Building – Scattered throughout my game world would be four types of zones where buildings could be placed.

    The largest would be the “city” zone, which could host impressive defensive structures, many crafting structures, banking and trade structures, ports and stables where mounts and ships could be activated, and many types of houses.

    The next zone would be the “village” zone, which would allow for the placement of some houses, gathering structures, and a few small defensive structures. Although any guild could control a village zone, every zone would also be associated with a “city” zone. For more information about this, see my siege system below.

    The third building zone is the “Border Fortress” zone which would support defensive structures and the largest binding/respawn points.

    The final zone type is the “hermitage” zone, which would allow for the building of small cabins, isolated wizard towers, and other little get-aways that add flavor to the play experience.

    8. PvP – This game would be a full-loot, slightly limited PvP game. While there would be unrestricted PvP over most of the map, there would be a few NPC cities (particularly starter cities) where no PvP would be allowed. In the majority of the world PvP would be governed by an alignment system that would flag individuals as either “ally” “neutral” “aggressive” or “enemy”.

    Allies would include anyone in your party or guild as well as anyone in allied guilds or their parties. This flag would be represented by a green name and would supersede all other flags in the game. There is no alignment gain or loss for attacking an ally, looting his corpse, or stealing his property/kills.

    Enemies would be any player of an unfriendly race, anyone in a guild you were at war with, anyone in a guild that has members of an enemy race, anyone who has a right to attack you on sight, or anyone with a negative alignment. The enemy flag supersedes all other flags except ally. Killing someone with an enemy flag would give a slight boost to a person’s alignment, but such a gain can only happen once over a set period of time. There is no alignment penalty for stealing from or looting an enemy. NPC’s who are neutral or allied to you will either kill or flee from those flagged as enemies to you, depending on their function.

    Aggressive flagged players are players who have positive alignment but have recently committed some action that might reduce their alignment, such as attacking, looting, or stealing from a character neutral to them. The aggressive flag functions exactly like the enemy flag except that it is only temporary. Initially the flag only lasts ten seconds, but if the player continues to commit acts that reduce alignment, the flag will last exponentially longer. If the aggressive player commits enough acts to reduce his alignment into the negatives, then he will become flagged as an enemy.

    Neutral characters are characters with positive alignment that are not in an enemy guild/race.

    9. The Siege System – During the twelve hours that represent a region’s peak play time, there would be four standard cycles where property could change hands. Each cycle would consist of a two hour battle period where the property can change hands, and a one hour consolidation period where structures could no longer be damaged and control could no longer be changed. During the battle periods, any “border fortress” or “village” could be attacked by any guild.

    If a city controlling guild and its allies lost control of all of the city’s associated villages and couldn’t re-establish control of at least one of them in the next battle phase, then the city would be attackable as well. The city would remain attackable in each battle phase until a guild managed to win and hold the city and at least one of its villages through the end of the next battle phase.

    Controlling cities and villages, it should be noted, does not change the ownership of houses within. If a guild is booted from a piece of property, then it looses access to all the resource gathering structures, communal bind/respawn points, tax revenue, and group structures, but if members of that guild also own homes in the city, then the houses technically remains in their possession until they choose to surrender the properties.

    10. Quests – Most of the quests in the game would send the players into new places where they could find valuable resources or unlock new skills. Other quests would function as tutorials for advanced game mechanics such as crafting. These quests would be designed so that it makes sense to continually send people on them (think of the rite of passage hunter quests from WoW). Finally, guilds that control cities and villages would be able to post their own quests and rewards at message boards or inns (think wanted posters or personal ads).


  • GundamAceGundamAce Member Posts: 91

    Some fluff I'd like to add to my previous list...

    1. Color control for wearables - I miss the old dye tubs from UO. Fable 2 also had a great system for customizing your color scheme.

    2. Writable books - This is another old UO treat. I've seen people take those little books and make their own story archs based off of them. I remember there was one in a player controlled pub that I liked to hang out at... It was written in a strange code that everyone had tried to crack. I'm not sure who wrote it or what it said, but in my mind I was convinced it was the first clue on an epic scavenger hunt that would take some clever player across the whole of the server. At the very least I've read some great journals, poems, short stories, and other creative works in those books.

    3. House Decor - If you've ever owned a home in SWG, then you probably know how fun it can be to decorate your home. I've seen some people put together some amazing works of virtual art through crative use of placed items.

    4. Mini Games - It doesn't matter if it's cards, dice, chess, or something completely unique, having a few mini-games to play while you're waiting for your party to gather is a must. I've met some great adventuring buddies over the UO chess board in years past.

    5. Variable Stat Crafting - Most games have this, but again I think SWG innovated a virtually flawless crafting system. Each item would require certain basic components or materials, and by using different varients of those materials you could change the final stats of the items. This could be a really amazing system when applied to vehicles and mounts, allowing an amazing array of builds.

    6. Game equipment - Road markers that mark race routes, flags for actual games of capture the flag, and maybe even a ball that can be kicked around using the game's physics engine. Give players enough of the right tools and you'll soon have your very own fantasy version of the olympic games. Of course, some joker will run through the middle of the game and kill the star player, but the riot that follows is sure to be fun too.


  • PunisherXPunisherX Member Posts: 231

    Actually, I was recently having a thought about this. I never liked the idea of large amounts of servers like WoW or CoH does. I always liked being in a server where everyone who was playing could play together. It would make it easier to have a player-run economy, finding people for groups, and socializing, in my honest opinion. But then I thought about it. I also wanted those who wanted to Roleplay have a server where they could do that. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this without having multiple amounts of servers.

  • PunisherXPunisherX Member Posts: 231

    Wow. It's been a while. I've recently wondered about the idea of a Survival MMO or an MMO like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's multiplayer. I thought that would be fun, but in a roleplaying manner. Does anyone else have any ideas?

  • MidareMidare Member Posts: 46

    You could keep the one-world element by allowing for seperate tabs like WoW had for types of talking, and giving players the options to make custom tabs for themselves to include whatever channels they want to include.  If the report system is set up with differing auto-actions it can be somewhat self-enforced by the players.


    Have a OOC spammer that won't listen to a polite reminder not ot spam the RP channel? Provide a "Ignore: OOC spam" drop down when you click their name, after a certain number of reports it auto-slaps them with chat restrictions to only use say... Local, whisper, and party chat... for a set time frame, maybe 12 hours. Make such punishments apply on the account level so they can't just hop onto an alt and continue their douchebaggery.  ( I meant "ignore" not "report" sorry)

    - And extention of this would be an "Ignore: Gold Farmer" option, after X global ignores for Gold farming then the account has their Chat locked down to only Party chat, and they cannot trade, mail items, or use guild banks. They can still Play the game, still buy and sell with NPCs... so there is no reson to refund them their subscription because they can still use the game while their Gold Farming review is done.


    One thing I'd like to see to reward Roleplaying is the ability of players to give away XP off their own XP bar. Bascially if you've got an incomplete XP bar you shoudl be able to give that XP that hasn't been locked into a level gain yet to other players. Have a good in-character expereince with a person? Give them 50xp. Rewarding role playing is hard to automate... people would find ways to abuse anythign automatic, not really play their character and just learn what options to select inthe dialogue to get the result they want. Giving the ability to players to reward one another means someone could go get a nearly full XP bar then host a scene with other players, rewarding people for participation.

    - Will their be xp-beggers? Sure, just like we have gold-beggers. That's what an unlimited ignore list is for. Hell, if someone roleplayed finding themselves tattered clothing and roleplayed their begging, I'd probably give them some XP and a few coppers. They're still putting effort into their game, they're just assumign a different role in their RPG.

  • MidareMidare Member Posts: 46

    Other point to touch on regarding customability, as some have mentioned the clothign dye I am going to put heavy support on that. Even if you include dropped high end gear (which I personally do not support, I think drop gear should be no better stat-wise than crafted stuff and not be common at all) the crafted items should start out plain, then be dyed for base colour and any sort of enhancement should overlay a pattern on it. Let me use cloth armor as an example.


    Linen Robe... plain white, include base armor stats that are the SAME of all Linen Robes. Crafter can dye that robe any damn colour they want, it makes no impact on the base armor. However, in place of an "enchantment" you could "embroider" the item,  and during that embroidery procress you coudl choose to drop a vial of optional dye in the craftign window as well. Otherwise the default pattern shows up in white. The colour of the embroidery thread shoudl jsut be preference, but perhaps the different patterns are like magical runes or glyphs, maori swirls... the design is what makes the stat increase.

    So White robe or White robe + embroidery LOOK the same but oen may have +whatever due to the embroidery. White on white blends in.

    A Green robe with un-altered thread is green with white patterns, green thread would blend in.


    Rather than having a tonne of different "Robes of the Jackalope" and shit, which each look a little different and which have a hodge podge of crappy colour combinations that make everyone look liek hobos, this lets the players choose their look. They can mix and match colours or patterns on armor pieces to get the stat increases they want. Higher level armors: Wool, Silk, Spider Silk, etc  would use an equivelant type of thread and that higher grade thread would mean that at a higher armor class that same design offers a better stat increase. There could even be more complex embroidery patterns that could only be used on the higher armor classes, ones that may include the same total numder in their +stats but which gives several types of stat at once... like a pattern that gives +2Agil +3Stam instead of jsut +5Stam as a basic pattern a the higher armor class does.

    - This allows people who like their early on "look" and want to keep wearing the same appearance do so while still increasing their armor's armor-class (and probably increased durability)... look like a newb, decked out like a vet. Stealth ass kicker.

    - More ornate embroidery on say Silk or Spider Silk levels mean people who want to show off that they have that higher armor class can make it glaringly obvious as the higher end embroideries are not reverse compatible to lower level armor classes.


    This idea could be scaled up to apply to tooled leather and perhaps filigree on metal armor.

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