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beaverboy123beaverboy123 Member Posts: 85
Does this game have a good pvp system?


  • VEG5000VEG5000 Member Posts: 45
    Sofar Aion is still in development but from what I have read this game has a very cool style of PVP..being able to knock dowm people with critical hits and super combo attacks that rigth there alone sounds really great. image
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 38,507

    Ack, got misled by a necro bump.....

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  • JixxJixx Member Posts: 159

    The PvP in Aion is Simplistic.  There are no immunity timers to mez, root, snare or stun effects.  Which gives the ranged classes a clear advantage in almost all fights.  You get potions that remove these effects but they are almost useless since the effect

    can be reapplied.  The pots have a one minute reuse timer which makes them a one time thing.  Essentially you have to use a pot then a scroll that gives you an absorb shield to just have a chance to kill ranged classes.  It is supposed to get evened out

    at the end game but from what I can tell classes that sucked during the first 40 levels become overpowered while the classes

    that were overpowered for the first 40 levels because retardedly squishy.

    Aion uses this retarded PvPvE concept.  Essentially even the PvP zones are full of tons of MOBs that can aggro on you when you are just trying to PvP.  The game feels more like a PvE game with PvP enabled.  If you want a PvP game find something else. 


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