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EverQuest II problem!

Hello to people out there behind the screens!

I have a problem with EQII! When I launch the game I get this error where it says: "Failed to init font / Failed to init arial. You may need reboot before some fonts will load" and EQII crashes to desktop!

I have read several "solutions" on different websites but none have solved the problem.. I hope one of you can help me with this problem.




  • Angelof2070Angelof2070 Member Posts: 224

    I found this, which sounds like it might work



    <quote>Please download and install the Arial Font, then restart your computer. That should resolve the issue.

    It sounds like you may have recently installed a Microsoft Office product (Office XP?) and it corrupted the standard Arial font.


    but it didn't work, but then it says

    <quote>We'll can put this to close now, I got it fixed and am in game as I type.

    The font that you downloaded from the link above wasn't the correct one it

    seems..so I found another "arial" download from the site called Arialb which is arial black..

    so unless this was just a fluke that was it.

    Thanks Calthine for all your help....take care all </quote>

  • EzehielEzehiel Member Posts: 36

    Thanks a lot for your reply, I will try to follow those instructions, and see, what happens.

    Edit: I followed the instructions but Everquest II still crashes to desktop, when I try to launch it..

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