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What's a MMO without dancing?


What dances do you guys wanna see? Show what dance you want your class of choice to have. I think synced dances (like in SWG) would be neat to.

Here is my list.

Trooper -

Sith Inquisitor -

Imperial Agent -

Smuggler -

Jedi Consular -

Jedi Knight -

Bounty Hunter -

Sith Warrior - (I would also request the beer be kept, that is all)

If you have not seen it, this is the already confirmed dance. it reminds me of the Urkel dance. Don't ask why.

P.S. I'm bored, that's the reason.

Enjoy, add more!



  • NikopolNikopol Member UncommonPosts: 626

    Hahaha, I hadn't seen the Sith Warrior one before and it's just... wow...


  • Echelon78Echelon78 Member Posts: 35

     Loved the drunk metal fan dance, that was epic, this is what i'd love to see as a dance in swtor for my sith warrior, it's a bit long but would be a nice afk dance.

  • syztecsyztec Member Posts: 114

    Cool clips, I liked the two sith ones.

    Nice Thread OP


  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912

    Aww I loved the dancing and music making in SWG. ^^

    Haha, seeing that Trooper on the Ginza, I guess it was there? That was cool.


    Alas THE one good SWG footloose vid has been muted, curse you youtube, but this one yet remains:


    Out of game, this is still one of my fav dancing vids:

    Man, they made good music in the 80ies, when I was younger. XD

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • WarjinWarjin Member UncommonPosts: 1,216

    C-Walk AkA Crip Walk for the Jedi

    Dear god kill me for this one lol

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