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EVE installion problem?

Boohooligan7Boohooligan7 Member Posts: 51

I downloaded EVE because I had a free 14 day trial so when it finished I booted the game up and first the screen had EVE Online on it with a ship and some stars and all and then it went black and then white and then I could start to hear noise from my speakers but I didn't see anything. Anyone know what might be the problem?

Boo Hooligan

Born on the 7th month


  • bazaabbazaab Member Posts: 18

    Make sure all your video and audio drivers are up to date would be the first thing I would do. If after this you still have issues your gonna wanna call EVE support.

    Good luck! Hope to see you in-game soon!


  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    video drivers

    eve-online.com faq

    re-dowload client .. i have seen that people had errors with DL

    check eve-online forum / post on eve-online forum  which would open the line of discussion far beyond what this forum can provide for game specific info.


  • Boohooligan7Boohooligan7 Member Posts: 51
    Okay, I'll try reinstalling first and ask around the fourms if it still doesn't work and then check my video driver and if it still doesn't work, oh well =P

    Boo Hooligan

    Born on the 7th month

  • quentariquentari Member Posts: 9
    Probably the graphic card. I had to buy a new one to be able to play eve! Thats 1 year ago now. I played the game for 6 month, which is a long time for me (i play 2-8 hours a day, so i quite feed up fast).  So find the bug, and get online, its a great game!
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