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I got this error in my logs

LrgShadowLrgShadow Member UncommonPosts: 61

it reads: The driver detected a controller error on DeviceIdeIdePort0.  I know it related to the internal HD i just put in.


Question is, is the controller on the MB side, or the device side?


  • Nov8trNov8tr Member UncommonPosts: 107

    Actually it could be the hard drive itself failing or the onboard (motherboard) controller failing. It could even remotely be software controlling it, ie: possibly a conflict. I would suggest the following.

    Try one of the hard drive diagnostics tools you can download and test the drive itself.

    Reinstall your chipset controller software.

    Try swapping the drives and see if the error moves with the drive to the new drive letter. (0 is first drive, 1 is the second.)

    I know that's not a complete solution, but its the best I can give you online. Hope it helps.

    I'm old not dead. (Nov8tr is pronounced innovator)

  • LrgShadowLrgShadow Member UncommonPosts: 61

    yeah, i've tried the manufacturer's diag tool, it came back clean.  the MB is actually an abit, and since they folded their site is crap.  So no diag tools from them, nor firmware.
    The drive i put in is IDE and there''s only 1 slot on the board for it, the rest are sata. i doubt there are converters for it.

  • forinboyforinboy Member UncommonPosts: 89

    There are IDE/SATA converters.



  • LrgShadowLrgShadow Member UncommonPosts: 61
    Originally posted by forinboy

    There are IDE/SATA converters.


    oh how lovely.


    Bee Arrr Beee

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