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Dieing for info.

DaShizDaShiz Member Posts: 375

Well, I've been following this game since I first heard about it which seems like an eternity now and I'm starving for any new info about the game.  The only updates that have been recently is a link to an interview with Richard Garriot and a few other tid bits about some of the dev team. 

Has anyone come across some new info recently?

Your scathing wit and daring insight into the turbulent political crags of the internet are shining beacons of truth and purity for the slight remaining masses of visionless hypocriticial sheep who bleat at the thought of your glory

Your scathing wit and daring insight into the turbulent political crags of the internet are shining beacons of truth and purity for the slight remaining masses of visionless hypocriticial sheep who bleat at the thought of your glory


  • GenjingGenjing Member Posts: 441

    Last i heard, they were undergoing some design changes. The core gameplay stuff is still the same, but i think they're just working on the player model and world designs... so it might actually look different from the screenshots we have so far. Here's some recent concept art, no player designs, but it shows a grittier look to the world.

    EDIT:: Gotten from Blond_Knight's post at the VN's Tabula Rasa boards
    RG described TR as a Celestial War that essentially thrusts the player right in the middle of the conflict. Up to the display of E3, the focus was on compact social spaces and private adventures.

    Public areas are recieving special attention. Success in a mission will reflect in the "populated" areas. Individual quests will link you to an overall story arch or campaign. On mission described was raiding an enemy supply ship. If your team conquers the mission, everyone in the area can witness the ship blowing up in the sky!

    Contested zones and outposts can fall under the "ownership" of players. My impression was PvP battles could take place for "control". Tabula Rasa though was described as 99% Player vs. Environment. We are all on the same side afterall. Success also translates into "shaping" the environment. The spawn rate, for example, of enemy troops will drop if the ship is blown up. Another mission was described as rescuing commando units from a prisoner of war camp. If free them, they will return to the frontlines. The concept is weaking the enemies military infrastructure while strengthening ours.

    The combat system is a core feature. Non-violent pursuits will be available. "Crafting" was mentioned, but I suspect a non-traditional approach.

    Storytelling will be an extremely strong emphasis along with culture, languages, philosophy, and such.

    Enemy vehicles were described as landing craft, search and destroy hovering units, and so on. War of the Worlds and Terminator 2 were referenced. happy

    My personal thoughts, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tabula Rasa is my new calling.


  • EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949

    I hope there is more information released. In order of things I"m waiting for, its Tabula Rasa then Everquest 2. Ultima X was number 1 bu that's gone and now that TR is being pushed back, I'm going to be playing EQ2. I just hope TR comes out soon, cause I know I'll be leaving EQ2 for it.

    EQ2 Qeynos Guild-

  • GenjingGenjing Member Posts: 441

    Well.. there are still regular updates on the main page, but no real specific TR information. Its been a while since there's been a game update, but they said a few months ago that they were reworking avatars and art styles... so i assume thats what they're doing now.

  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

    I agree with most of you, seems its been rather quiet for awhile on their website.  Just minor tid bits here and there, no real information though.


  • GenjingGenjing Member Posts: 441

    There have been many changes in the art direction and other parts of the game; basically, the screenshots here at may very well be outdated, and not really look close to the end product.

    Here's a good summary of the changes, as well as the new concept art, from the Ogaming Tabula Rasa site.

    And the accompanying Gamezone interview with RG:

    Because of the changes that have occurred since the title was unveiled at E3, has the time frame for Tabula Rasa slid?

    “An unequivocable yes,” Garriott said. “We had been saying Winter 2004/2005 was our target dates. As we have been doing a lot of this thinking over the summer – honestly even when the costumes changed, that does not take that much time, it is an art shuffle. It does take time, but not profoundly. But what has cost us more time than even the stuff I’ve talked about, is one of the things we are doing and this is less of a change and more of what I call the normal due process of refinement, is that Tabula Rasa is a game about compact social hubs of activity where players can get to know each other and form groups and buy, sell and trade, and then party-based instanced activity, where we as a party, for example, can journey together on a series of mission which adds up to what feels more like a solo-player game in the sense that we have a personal story arc, and then as we go through our personal story arc we can see the impact of our successes back in the massively multiplayer space.

    “Over the summer as we were thinking about it we were going ‘you know, our game does not yet feel enough like the galactic war we claim we are in the middle of.’ We had these fairly safe enclaves where you could buy and sell and trade, and we had these very dangerous missions but when you were in a mission you were isolated to the specifics of the storyline of the thread of that individual mission, and we didn’t have very many play spaces where you could actually feel the scale and the sense of the battle happening around us, or in spite of us. And that is the other thing we have been building now is these contested areas.

    “Instead of the safe enclaves or the missions, there are more of these areas where you can really see … I could go sit on a hilltop and watch and see the galactic conflict taking place, with or without me, and then choose to participate in whatever way I want. It’s that kind of work we have been doing that has been taking us the time. It is not nearly as much of a change, it was never not part of the goals, it is just something that we have doubled down on because it is more important and has been less present in the game than we think it has manifested itself in the game.”

    Tabula Rasa is currently set for release in the Fall of 2005.

  • HarelinHarelin Member UncommonPosts: 409

    I would just really like to see some official forums tossed up - waiting for the day they feel confident enough to do that.

  • KaneKane Member Posts: 780

    The lack of ANY news is really starting to grate on least give us a screenshot or something of all the work.

  • GenjingGenjing Member Posts: 441

    I'm guessing they're waiting until E3 or something to bust it all out.

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