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We need this game!

With the original EQ crew designing it and Microsoft backing it, Vanguard should have the vision and the resources needed to give us what most of us really want: a re-hash of good ol' EQ with a different world, a few tweaks to the mechanics, and awesome graphics.

I support the development of this game (morally, that is). I think more of us should show our support.


  • jmd10222jmd10222 Member Posts: 427
    Give it a little more time it will gain momentum BIG TIME. After several months of the garbage SoE is shoveling and the crap that is being put out (with the exception of WoW which is a pleasnt surprise) people will be foaming at the mouth for a good game and this one will be it.

  • DontmoveDontmove Member Posts: 91

    When Beta is released it shoudl pick up alot of momentum like how most do. I see this one being as big a release as WoW was.

  • DarkbackwardDarkbackward Member Posts: 115
    Vanguard will be a tough game to fail, but if the challenge is there, I"ll play it.

    Type Seed Game into your search engine. Go to the game's website and learn about it. It may be the best game you've continued to ignore.

  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

    Too soon to tell, but I'm keeping an eye out on this one as well.


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    Specifics servers rules is the only way they may convert me in part(wont raid and need to dream about reaching the top hehehe).


    Big potential, but many flaws, like the part of solo in the vision.

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  • CillasiCillasi Member UncommonPosts: 335

    I have an interest in Vanguard, but I fear it is going to be too group oriented for my playing habits.  I prefer a game in which I can solo proficiently and even obtain relatively powerful items while doing so. 

    Most games are now aiming for the casual player and the soloers.  As games become more and more oriented toward shorter gaming sessions, those that require huge time investments and grouping will not get the attention that EQ once garnered.  Along with these type of changes, I think we'll see a move away from the typical "raid" game toward an atmosphere of "campaigning."  What I mean by campaigning is something more like what DAOC did with Trials of Atlantis.  In general, great things will be accomplished in small steps. 

    Vanguard still deserves attention, and if done right, will be a welcome change from the current crop of sameness.

  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,048

    I am keeping my eye on this game. It is taking a while to develop though.


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  • ledartledart Member Posts: 4

    No we don't. As i see it, it is just not up their with the power games like final fantasy and Sims 2. I think we need to put this game right back where it came from....sorry

  • SkarsTZSkarsTZ Member Posts: 78

    Definately keeping an eye on this game. I hope they stick to their guns and don't cater to the most vocal people (Brad has his vision so I have faith. I am hoping they don't make an easy, watered down, hand holding game. There is enough of those currently out atm imo.

  • achellisachellis Member Posts: 542
    yes we do need this game (i need this game)


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