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Comments on how well POTBS is goin to do



  • ColdmeatColdmeat Member UncommonPosts: 3,407

    I can't speak for all the other people looking forward to the game, but I'm plenty happy to sail my ship around with some of my real life friends, and terrorize merchant ships, and their escorts, and running and hiding from the navy, maybe sometimes even taking a ship or two of theirs.

    These things clearly don't appeal to you. As such, I advise you to not buy the game. I would also advice you to not be surprised when people tear into your ass for coming into the forum for a game they anticipate, and trying to pick a fight.

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  • MopsterMopster Member Posts: 47

    Originally posted by dekron

    One thing that people seem to fail to mention is that PotBS will require somewhat of skill to hit a target.  You don't just click another ship and then fight.  You must actually calculate range/position/etc. It's definately not hack'n'slash type of combat. 

    Well you don't have to do the maths yourself. The skills of your officers will depend on how well the crew will handle the cannons. You can tell what ammunition they have to use and where to aim for. You can also tell when to fire.


  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

    Originally posted by Mopster

    Well you don't have to do the maths yourself. The skills of your officers will depend on how well the crew will handle the cannons. You can tell what ammunition they have to use and where to aim for. You can also tell when to fire.

    lol I know that.  I would hate to have to be expected to do that while trying to fight.  What I mean is that you don't click a ship and just fire away and just walk away until the other ship is dead.  And to coldmeat for terrorizing the merchant ships, all I have to say is hell yeah!


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  • noobletnooblet Member Posts: 2,274

    All i have to say is .... finally a pirate mmorpg , it looks pritty awesome but i just wish you werent permanetly stuck in a ship..but still cool. I see that they will eventually be adding land exploration which will be awesome.

    Livinlegend you obviously just dont like this genre and it looks like you like crap like matrix and what stay the hell away from this game.


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  • Fat_BuddhaFat_Buddha Member Posts: 60
    legend... you are image  dont come and judge a game because it "looks" stupid... if you would  read the forums you would understand that this game ist about "2 ships shooting at eachother" its about living the life of a sea captin. finding treasure hunting down pirates (or navy ships in pirates case) and sailing along with other people in the world... the Dev's are reading the forums aften and seem to like what the community is coming up with :)

  • LivinLegendLivinLegend Member Posts: 21

    Originally posted by Fat_Buddha
    legend... you are image  dont come and judge a game because it "looks" stupid...

    I bet if i said it looks good you proably wouldn't have made that lil comment...

  • Fat_BuddhaFat_Buddha Member Posts: 60
    image well, dont flame the game :) tho i dont mean to say that YOU are crazy, i meant to say that what kind of crazy thought would make you think this original game wont do well?

  • RykerRyker Member UncommonPosts: 207
    The game looks great to me. I hope they make combat better than age of sails was, I didnt like that one :).  It looks like they have some great ideas. The only problems I can see is the movement and combat for me, otherwise it looks promising.
  • LivinLegendLivinLegend Member Posts: 21
    Ok how about this i dont think the first realese is goin to be good, theres not enough to do

  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    Originally posted by LivinLegend
    POTBS seems like it will get boreing very fast, looks like all you do is play battle ship and trade...

    That much kept me entertained with Yankee Trader and Trade Wars back in the dial-up bbs days, and those were text games.

    But I don't see myself playing this game either. It may be a great game, but I am not all that keen on boats.



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  • TallestTallest Member Posts: 12

    I've been following this game for what seems lie forever, and it may well be the one that causes me to get rid of all the other deadweight games lurking on my hard-drive and hitting my cc bill every month...

    From the dev-released information I have read it appears that they are going for a mirror-image of the SWG plan- where SWG is adding ships to an avatar-based game POBS will add the avatars and land-based action once they have the naval-side up and running. This makes perfact sense to me, as a game of this nature is primarily a sea-based enterprise.

    I honestly can't find anything not to like about the game going by the information available to me thus far, but then again I am a total sucker for ocean-going combat games. Yet again I find myself looking back to the glory days of playing Destroyer Command against hordes of people playing Silent Hunter 2- merge that kind of playerskill-dependent action with the progressive improvement of skills that come from a persistent world mmorpg and I reckon we're on to a winner here.

  • RedLegsRedLegs Member Posts: 22

    LivinLegend is that an eye patch I see on your left eye on your avatar. I think it is. I would be happy to sail the sea with ya. We can like kill all them meany players that atack you verbaly we can take there ship and use it fer target practice. Then we go to town and drink de rum. Me not a smart Pirate but me be funny looking. Come on get in the pirate mood. If ya gets more players mad there would be lots hunting us and we can have more fun blowing up there ships.image

     And I have A question for neschria what do [ a/s/l ] mean?

  • Beaks2Beaks2 Member Posts: 2
    I like the idea and I think it will do fine. The graphics look awsome and the concept seems different

  • UlfarUlfar Member Posts: 75

    This game will be it for me. While not all features will be in at launch the main ones will ie combat, trading and smuggling.

    The setting is just great and did you read any of the dev blogs on their systems. Combat on its own is pretty great and not a 1 minute affair.

    The Devs have great plans and from what I have seen so far a hell of a lot of talent. If they even pull off an eigth of what they plan, I will be playing for a long time.

    So get me rum and lets go sink them furiegners. For King and Country.

  • torshontorshon Member Posts: 3

    I came across this game when discussing games in  general with an online game

    i had to come and look and have since joined the POBS community although no posted anything yet

    something i read earlier in this thread which im interested in

    If it is a totally open Pvp environment would this possibly lead to griefing from less

    friendly players and harrassment of new less skilled players?

    just wondering on what your perception of this is?

    i'm quite looking forward to this game and hope to eventually get onto the betaimage

  • HyperNHyperN Member Posts: 15

    For me, it looks like POTBS is like EVE Online, just a other genre. Gotta say that EVE is one of the greatest games Ive played, and obviously, im not the only one who think that(due to rating, player counts and review from all over).

    Aye! Hype is up for POTBS! image

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  • netjam99netjam99 Member Posts: 16

    Will be a great game if they actually manage to launch it...which looks more and more doubtful.

  • JDBarrettJDBarrett Member Posts: 9
    it has the workings of a great game, but I think the lack of updates to the site is what will kill it
  • AckbarAckbar Member UncommonPosts: 927
    Avast ye matey! I cant wait for this game to be released world of the pirates was a bust due to all the cheaters. If the devs of this game can avoid that and make great 3d pirate game ill love it. Of course the bar has been raised with the release of the new sid meir game.

    ----ITS A TRAP!!!----

    ----ITS A TRAP!!!----

  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,117
    Is there any news? They haven't said anything in a while!


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