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Threat of Peace

I have a feeling the next reveal is going to be Dantooine. If you don't know, BioWare uses ToP to give us hints to upcoming updates and things of that sort. In the last few comics (Act 3) there has been a lot of talk about Dantooine. A few weeks ago it was hinting at an Imperial Agent, it even displayed the Shiv ability in one comic.


  • OptiqueMarquisOptiqueMarquis Member UncommonPosts: 860

    i really tried to get into these comics, read up and until chapter 2 or something; but i found them overly confusing and uninteresting.


  • greed0104greed0104 Member Posts: 2,134

    I'm not all that interested in them to be honest. I mainly read them for clues.

  • RoosterNashRoosterNash Member Posts: 283

    Definitely clues to be found here, and I agree with Dantooine being the next unveiling. Also, it seems we'll be seeing the final classes unveiled as well, on Dec. 2nd. Probably sooner for some of us, but still... It's just around the corner!

    [sarcasm]Uhhh. I'm thinking two new force-user classes.[/sarcasm]

    [sarcasm]I'm turning over a new leaf by posting these little sarcasm boxes...[/sarcasm]

    THE Rooster Nash

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