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EVE Online?

Boohooligan7Boohooligan7 Member Posts: 51
Well if you've read my post in the General Discussion section of General Categories then you'd know that I'm new to gaming so if you think this question is wierd, don't be alarmed. I was just wondering what EVE Online really was? Is it like some kind of futuristic Everquest or something?

Boo Hooligan

Born on the 7th month


  • NFWolfDudeNFWolfDude Member Posts: 304

    Nope, EVE is the farthest thing from Everquest. It is a space simulation. You are a pilot of a ship. You see your ship from a 3rd person perspective. Your "character" is represented by a single picture and you don't ever get out of your ship and walk around. That sounds pretty boring, but EVE is a very in depth game. There are so many things you can do that after 6 months of playing, I am still finding new things. Read a bit through the forums, there is as to what this game really is. Give it a try, you can get 14 days free and the graphics/sound/community are awesome. The learning curve is a little steep, but if you do the tutorials, it's very manageable from day one.

    What you can do in this game:
    1) mine...kind of boring unless you have a good conversation going with some mates, but usually profitable.
    2) run PVE missions for agents. This is pretty fun and definatly challenging since the release of the EXODUS expansion.
    3) PvP till you smile or cry.
    4) Build things
    5) Explore...and there is a lot to explore.
    6) Trade for big bucks

    That's EVE in a few sentences and I am not doing it any kind of justice at all.


  • Boohooligan7Boohooligan7 Member Posts: 51
    I see. EVE Online sounds like a pretty cool game. If there was some site to download a trial from that'd be good because I don't think it'd be one where I'd just pick it up. I'd like to check it out first but don't get me wrong, it's sounds fun and unique. My friend is a big Sci-Fi kind of person so I'll ask him if he has it and if so I can check it out. Overall it sounds very decent.

    Boo Hooligan

    Born on the 7th month

  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    www.eve-online.com  you can download there




  • Boohooligan7Boohooligan7 Member Posts: 51

    Okay thank you.

    Boo Hooligan

    Born on the 7th month

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