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Getting Started

ClackdorClackdor Member Posts: 10

I just loaded this sucker up for my 14 day trial and managed to get through the tutorial.  Let me say that they bombard you with a lot of stuff right off the bat.  I hope I didn't mess anything up during character creation.

So, I'm sitting in this space station now (actually, I quit and went to work) wondering whats the best way to really get into this game without wandering around and getting frustrated or lost.  Any advice?


  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    that not a question with an easy answer. :)

    tell me your in game name and i will get the ball rolling financialy .. remove the issue from the equation. 

    the ingame help chanel is full of loudmouths but is also full of people willing to help .. ignore the fools and ask any question that comes to mind.

    your characters skills dictate what you can do and how well so learn something at all times.  attributes effect learning time.  each skill have as primary and secoundary attribute that effect the speed of leanring something.  lv1 skill is all you need to do some stuff , so dont worry about training anything for a long time.  training is 24/7 so set long stuff for when you are away.  (check the menu bar)

    agents are good place to start  they have you do simple missions at first  get this, take that here, kill this guy .. stuff like that .. they pay you for the work .. and its a controled way to learn the ropes .. left to your own devices your likely to not know what to do.

    skills, ships, equipment, weapons can all be bought on the market.  check diff regins for beter prices .. the center of the capitalist world in YULAI .. go to a station there to buy the cheapest of most things.  npc sell stuff - so do players .. watch what you buy and how much you pay for it .. die hard capitalists are always loking to make you part with more of your hard earned isk than youd like to.

    a clone can be bought at cloning stations which protects your skill points when you get killed in your pod.  also dectates where you will come back (respawn)

    when you die you lose your ship, you are now in a pod .. if you get killed again your in a new clone whereevr your clone was set to be.  you can insure your ship, but not the one you start off with .  if you lose your ship but get away in your pod (npc dont shoot pods) you will get a new noob ship.  the eq is gone (although some may survive in a can) death is harsh in eve if you let it, put all your eggs in one basket and you will be crying to mommy and quiting.  only go somewhere remotely dangerous if you can afford the loss.  as a 14 day trial player u shouldnt have to worry much.  :)

    if you want to see combat then open map, display settings, stars, show deaths in last hour .. right click on the biggest blob and set desitnation .. close map - undock - and click the little autopilot button on the bottom center of your screen.  see what happens.

    if you want to kill npc . .go to a 0.9 - 0.8 system and warp to an asteroid belt at 60km. good luck (look top left of your screen for system name and security rating)( 1.0 = safe 0.0 = unsafe) 0.5 and above and usualy safe.. 0.4 and below are always dangerous. this goes for asteroid belts as well as for other pilots who can kill you with little recourse.

    if you want to mine stuff .go to a 1.0 system . with a mining laser fitted and go to a asteroid belt . locl a roid and start mining.  your cargo will fill then you can haul to station.  i highly recomend not doing this by yourself without an industrial ship to change into .. hauling in the noob frig is useless. agents are better...

    hmmm verbose....




  • AlkatrazAlkatraz Member Posts: 119

    Did u ever bodered to do the tutorial missions? If u haven't.....then i would sugest u to start them right away as they will quickly give an idea of what to do and how to do things in eve.

    In EVE u will find a lot of players willing to help ya out, but u got to meet them half way....do the tutorial missions and then start asking questions.

  • ClackdorClackdor Member Posts: 10

    Thanks for responding to the noobish question.  I even lost a star because of my noobishness.  I better go post about games I know to get my rating back up some.

    I did the tutorial.  I didn't realize there are tutorial missions after it, so I will look around for those.

  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    your in game name Clackdor ?



  • bazaabbazaab Member Posts: 18

    It does take sometime to get used to but I think you will find it avery rewarding game. The sheer scope of all there is to do, learn, explore, and see is astronomical... :)


  • bazaabbazaab Member Posts: 18

    ::::04:: if you need anything remember the rookie channel, man it helps!


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