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Prophecy - PvE Guild - Sith Empire


Prophecy Guild

Prophecy is now looking for more members to fill our ranks as a member of the Sith Empire.

About the guild:

Prophecy is a PvE guild that has been around since November of 2004 as a World of Warcraft guild. PvE is our main focus, we plan to clear all content as it is released. We are looking for members that are dedicated, and willing to progress in PvE content. We will be using Ventrilo to communicate during raids; you will need to download this program.

About the leader:

I have been a PvE guild leader and raid leader for 4 years in World of Warcraft. Throughout my 5 years playing World of Warcraft I have seen it all, from brutal boss fight wipes to flawless victories.

How to Join Us:

Joining us is pretty simple. Just go to, click "Apply" at the top navigation bar and fill out an application. Once an application is submitted a guild council member will create a thread on our forums "Member Application" section with your name and your application status.

NOTE: We are an Eastern US guild and will be going by Eastern time.



  • Label_ThisLabel_This Member Posts: 171

    No thanks.

    Why are there so many cutesie, fantasy, childish MMO's. Give me blood, gore and a long lasting challenge. I don't need my hand being held along the way. Thanks.

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