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Custom Game Lists

stalksstalks Member Posts: 2

When I create a new custom game list and try and save it as a new list the button "Save as new list" does nothing.


Also, if I try and sort the custom list by any of the fields by clicking on the column title, it reverts back to the default game list instead of my custom one.


Here is what I am trying to do:


1. View Game Lists

2. Click Create Custom List

3. Add Sci-Fi and Fantasy to the Genres

4. Add Beta Testing and Final to the Game Status

5. Add Rank/Hype to the columns

6. Click Show Results

7. Click the Rank/Hype column title to sort by Rank/Hype


It then no longer shows my custom list as the columns change and it includes MMO's not a part of my selection (ie. Cancelled MMO's)


I have tried this in Firefox 3.5.3 and IE8 on 2 computers running Windows 7 and Windows XP.


  • MeddleMeddle Administrator UncommonPosts: 758

    Thanks for the heads up we'll check it out.

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

  • stalksstalks Member Posts: 2

    Excellent, this is now working as expected.


    Much thanks to the developer who fixed this .. THANKYOU! :)

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