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Downloading trial, would like to join a helpful corporation.

BellarionBellarion Member Posts: 244

Longtime MMO player would like to try something new. Willing to put in a good amount of effort to derive as much enjoyment out of EVE as possible.


If you would like a hardworking and usefull recruit please PM me with the details on how I will join you. I am definitely going to consider getting a sub.


I look forward to hearing from you.

(Great FF14 source)


  • NilderNilder Member UncommonPosts: 43

    We are always looking for good players. Contact me in game Spyder John, we can set up a meeting with my corporation and discuss you putting in an application.


  • DETURKDETURK Member Posts: 5

    EVE University, the best place for new players;


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